Gladly Wins Top Spot in the G2 Best Software Awards 2024

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Gladly was built by and for those in the customer service industry. We know the value of listening to the customer, as well as prioritizing the customer experience. The effectiveness and reliability of our solutions hinges on our ability to act on the feedback we receive from loyal customers. That’s why it means so much to, once again, be named at the top of the G2 2024 Best Software Awards.

G2, a trusted resource for product reviews and analysis, uses these annual software awards to recognize the brands that strive for excellence and deliver on their promises to customers. For Gladly to earn recognition as one of the top softwares of 2024 means the world to our team and we’re excited to share the categories we excelled in.

By providing a high-quality, personalized solution to our customers, we placed in the top ten of the Customer Service Products category. Thanks to our solutions’ consistent performance and positive feedback from customers, we have continued to build and improve a solution our users love.

But don’t just take our word for it. User feedback is the deciding factor for determining the best in the business, so here’s what our customers had to say about Gladly this year on G2.





Our Journey to the G2 Awards

Our team is committed to equipping our loyal clients with a one-of-a-kind customer experience for their shoppers. By providing a top-class experience, we have earned our partners’ trust, and consistently received recognition from the G2 seasonal reports. Over the course of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, our customers have placed us at the top of this list, especially when it comes to results, usability, implementation, and relationships.

In the G2 Winter 2024 report, we received over 30 No. 1 category rankings. Due to our acquisition of Thankful, we also had the honor of ranking as No.1 in a new category: Customer Service Automation. Our team also earned shoutouts from the G2 team in the form of over 130 badges across numerous categories, including Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Through the acquisition of Thankful, Gladly has taken the opportunity to move our solutions into the future with the help of AI. This year, we added tools like our AI self-service solution Sidekick, as well as incorporated AI into our Hero interface to boost its effectiveness for agents. Earning No. 1 rankings and badges in these new categories has reinforced our decision to invest and reinvent our solutions to enhance the quality of our partners’ customer experience.

In every one of the Summer 2023, Spring 2023, Fall 2023, and Winter 2024 G2 reports, Gladly was also honored as a leader on the Help Desk Grid Report, which ranks solutions based on factors like quality of support and ease of use. We earned this title by receiving high customer satisfaction scores across a wide market presence. As of Winter 2024, 100% of our users rank us with at least 4 out of 5 stars, and 94% of users say they would be likely to recommend us.

Some other key highlights from this year’s G2 reports include:

  • Earning over 30 No. 1 category placements in every G2 report this past year
  • Upward movement in several categories across each report
  • Features on more than 200 reports in Winter 2024 — 27 more than Fall 2023
  • 97% of users say Gladly is headed in the right direction, as of Winter 2024
  • Earning a nearly 100% satisfaction rating in multiple categories of the G2 Relationship Index, which measures our ability to provide support and the ease of use for our customers

We also know user-friendly interfaces are a key factor in a team’s ability to function and succeed. This is why we are proud to have been listed as the leader in Help Desk Usability for three quarters in a row, as of Winter 2024. Our overall usability score is 13% higher than the industry average and 4% higher than our next-closest competitor. With an average score of over 90% in every contributing factor, it’s clear to our users that Gladly solutions are focused on agent success, adoption, and user satisfaction.

This dedication to our product and our partners has allowed us to create connections with some of the biggest brands across several industries. Customers like Crate & Barrel, Rothy’s, JOANN, Zenni, Ulta Beauty, and more trust their brand’s reputation with our team.

To discover more about how these partners are using Gladly to boost their customer experience, check out our customer stories or listen to our Radically Personal podcast.


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