Gladly Levels Up in 37 Reports in the G2 Winter 2024 Update

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To provide the best experience possible for customers, brands need a solution that puts both their agents and shoppers first. Given the recent influx of cutting-edge AI tools on the market, customer service teams may be overwhelmed by all of their options when searching for their next CX solution.

As an authority in the space, G2 provides CX leaders with the detailed reviews they need to make decisions on which solutions suit them best.

What Is G2?

G2 is a peer-generated review site that collects and distributes performance reporting to pinpoint the top B2B softwares for a variety of different industries, including support technology.

The Value of G2 Reports

G2 Index Reports assemble a comprehensive list of product performance metrics from their database of verified user reviews. This data is then translated into a clear evaluation score for some of the key considerations in software selection and implementation.

Customers looking for a B2B support solution will find direct comparisons between products in the help center category rankings. By using G2 reports, businesses in the market for effective, user-friendly support tools can make a more informed decision when choosing the solution that can take their workflows to the next level.

G2 Updates for Winter 2024

Building on previous positive performances on G2 reports, Gladly has secured first-place rankings in 31 categories for Winter 2024. In addition to these top-tier rankings, Gladly has also been featured on 201 total reports — 27 more than in the Fall 2023 reports.

As a leader in the Help Desk category of the Grid Report, here’s what our users had to say:

  • 100% of users rated Gladly with four or five stars
  • 97% of users believed we are headed in the right direction
  • 94% of users said they would be likely to recommend us

Gladly even broke our own records this season by improving our rankings in 37 reports, which is 17 more than last quarter. At Gladly, we take these improvements seriously — as we are always striving to push the boundaries of what our solution can do for customers.

Gladly G2 Customer Service Rankings: Winter 2024

With over 30 No. 1 rankings on this quarter’s G2 reports, Gladly proved our continued effort to strive for excellence in categories that cover the essential elements of any support solution. Although we will continue working to boost our rankings across the board, users already find our CX solutions to be user-friendly and beneficial for their businesses.

G2 Winter 2024 Report Highlights


By scoring higher than average in nearly every category for implementation, we moved up three spots since last quarter to second overall in implementation for Help Desk solutions. Gladly has remained the top choice in implementation for several mid-market support sectors, such as Customer Self-Service and Help Desk.

  • What it means: Due to our user-friendly implementation process designed with agents in mind, more and more customers from different sectors are picking Gladly as their top choice. As Gladly grows beyond the mid-market category, larger brands are discovering why our efficient onboarding makes us a user favorite.
  • How we’re outpacing the competition: From average user adoption to ease of setup, Gladly has outscored all of our competitors on the Implementation Index. We even scored 22% higher than the industry average for user adoption with a 94% average adoption rate.
  • What customers are saying: “We just completed our Implementation and it was very smooth, the smoothest. The support was amazing and the platform is very user-friendly. [I’m] getting feedback from my team that they are excited and loving the experience.”
Image of Info-Tech databite that shows how Gladly outranks competitors when it comes to implementation

Info-Tech ranks Gladly above Zendesk, Kustomer, and Salesforce for ease of implementation.


Given our commitment to building relationships with our customers, it’s no surprise that Gladly is leading in seven Relationship Index reports spanning the industry. Across the overall Relationship Index, Gladly remains ahead of the competition and continues to rank higher than average.

  • What it means: As a measure of support quality, ease of doing business, and likelihood to recommend, the Relationship Index shows our ability to make Gladly customers’ lives easier in every aspect of their CX.
  • How we’re outpacing the competition: This winter, Gladly remained a top option in every relationship category — even scoring nearly 100% in multiple key categories. Our overall relationship score was 97% — 15% higher than the industry average and multiple points higher than the next closest competitor.
  • What customers are saying: “Imagine a world where every customer query is met with ease, where teams seamlessly collaborate to provide top-notch support, and where customers leave feeling not just satisfied, but genuinely cared for. Gladly creates that world, fostering connections and making each interaction a memorable experience.”
Image of Info-Tech data bite that shows how Gladly outranks competitors when it comes to reliability

Info-Tech ranks Gladly above Zendesk and Salesforce for reliability.


For the fourth quarter in a row, Gladly has maintained our No. 1 spot at the top of the overall Results Index. Gladly also secured seven No. 1 spots in specific categories like Social Customer Service, Contact Center, and Help Desk.

  • What it means: By meeting expectations and requirements, Gladly has helped our customers achieve their goals and boost user adoption. This is what leads our customers to consistently recommend our products.
  • How we’re outpacing the competition: Our overall Results Index score is 93%, which is 13% higher than the industry average and 4% higher than our closest competitor. We also continue to outperform our competitors in nearly every category by 2% or more.
  • What customers are saying: “The Conversation vs the Ticketing System is definitely a game changer in terms of agent experience and efficiency. I can see an improvement on Productivity and this results in improvement on SLAs and KPIs.”
Image of Info-Tech data bite that shows how 100% of Gladly customers plan to renew

According to Info-Tech research, 100% of customers plan to renew with Gladly.


Gladly is built to make agents’ lives easier, which is why we are so proud to be ranked at the top of the Usability Index for the third quarter in a row. Built with user experience in mind, our interface is made to keep customer service simple and effective.

  • What it means: Between industry-leading AI solutions that reduce strain on agents and an easy-to-navigate user interface, Gladly creates a streamlined user experience designed to keep customer support running smoothly.
  • How we’re outpacing the competition: Across every category factored into the Usability Index — such as ease of use, ease of admin, meeting requirements, and user adoption — Gladly is outperforming our competitors. We even hold a 96% usability score. That means Gladly is 13% more usable than the industry average.
  • What customers are saying: “Everything is well organized and established. The functions are easy to learn and easy to use, the interface is very user friendly and its sections are very complete. Everything is easy to access and implement. And it’s the tool we use everyday.”

Maintaining Momentum in the Support Industry

According to the G2 Winter 2024 reports, Gladly is staying true to our commitment to providing first-class, human-centric support solutions to brands looking for the next step in CX.

For those who want to learn more about how Gladly can benefit their brand’s CX, schedule a demo to discover why our users continue to rate us above the competition.


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