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Build the ultimate system of reference for your customer service agents with Gladly’s Integrations

You walk into your local coffee shop. Your barista, Autumn, immediately greets you by name. And since she already knows your ‘usual’, she gets right onto making your half-caf soy latte with a splash of chai. As she’s making your drink, she picks up the conversation from where you two left off yesterday—about your dog Brutus and his newfound Instagram fame.

Before you know it, your order’s ready—just how you like it—and you’re on your way.

In today’s day and age, consumers have come to expect this neighborhood coffee shop experience from the brands they buy products or services from. Whether they’re shopping in-store, or asking for help on the phone, your customers want you to recognize that they’re the same person who reached out last week. And they want a quick and easy support experience that’s personalized to their specific needs.

Yet despite this clear need, what we’ve discovered at Gladly is that most companies still find it a challenge to keep up with these expectations, which are only continuing to rise. While 78% of consumers said that they expect customer service teams they speak with to know about their previous conversations, only 22% have seen their expectations met.

The Information Divide

As we continued to speak to company after company, we noticed some clear commonalities. While they all had access to a tremendous amount of customer information, all this valuable data sat divided between multiple systems and platforms.

When a customer calls in, agents often spend around 60 seconds (or more) looking up a customer’s information. And once they’ve done that, and it comes down to actually helping customers, agents also get slowed down by having to toggle between the different systems to do what needs to get done.

From one solution that houses just customer contact information and customer support analytics, to order histories in point-of-sale systems, and loyalty status and points in loyalty platforms—an agent has a long list of systems to go through just to get a full picture of the customer they’re speaking to and what their history is with the company.

What that means, in practice, is that when a customer calls in, agents often spend the first 60 seconds (or more) looking up a customer’s information across multiple systems.

And once they’ve done that, and it comes down to actually helping customers, agents also get slowed down by having to toggle between the different systems to do what needs to get done. For  example, toggling between the customer service platform they’re helping the customer on and the point-of-sale system to process a return and toggling back to answer any other customer questions.

And while all this is happening, the customer is waiting anxiously to get their question answered.

But—to borrow a turn of phrase from John Lennon—imagine if an agent could do all that, from one, single platform?

At Gladly, we have a host of powerful integrations to help you improve your modern customer experience strategies.

Get Personal: Pull Everything Into One Space
See the Details that Matter

By integrating your existing systems with Gladly (from e-commerce to reservation systems), you can give your agents a single view of your customer. Agents can get straight to helping customers instead of hunting for the information they need, or seeking it from the customers directly.

And the information you display can be fully customized to your specific needs, for example:

  • Retail companies might want to pull in their customers’ contact information, loyalty status, lifetime value, buying preferences, recent purchases, and more
  • Travel companies could pull in their passenger records, loyalty status, frequent flier status, miles flown, seat preferences, recent bookings, active reservations and more
  • Hospitality companies could decide to pull in their customers’ contact information, member status, nights stayed, room preferences, recent bookings, active reservations and more
See the Whole Customer Journey

And while with Gladly, you already have a single, chronological view of every support interaction your agent has with a customer (regardless of channel), our Integrations let you go one step further to pull in interactions that happen outside of support too, and make them immediately actionable by your agents. Because a customer’s journey with you doesn’t just start and end at their support experience.

  • Marketing emails. Pull the marketing emails your company sends to a customer right into their individual timeline. That way, if they have issues using the promo code, or want to make their order through your contact center agent instead, agents have the information they need right before them, and don’t have to ask your customers for it.
  • Notifications from transactional systems. Your customers often receive notifications from you, like an SMS on a delivery update or change in flight timings. Not only will your agents see these updates in the customer’s timeline, but your customers can respond directly to those notifications, rather than have to reach out via a separate phone number or email address (a clunky, unintuitive experience).
  • Tickets from legacy customer service solutions. It’s pain-free to switch from legacy customer service software to Gladly. Pull in all the historical tickets you have with a customer straight into their timeline, so your agents don’t lose out on all that valuable customer history.
  • Tasks from work management platforms. Give agents the full picture of tasks that are scheduled to be done on behalf of a customer. Reflect the tasks scheduled by your non-support teams outside of Gladly (via work management solutions like Asana) in the customer’s timeline, so agents always have visibility into what needs to get done for your customers.
Get Going Faster: Do Work Outside of Gladly, Within Gladly

Help agents help your customers faster by allowing them to trigger work in external systems, all without having to leave the page they’re speaking to your customers on.

By integrating your existing systems with Gladly, you can offer your agents a shortcut to the common actions they take when helping your customers.

  • Retail companies. Enable your agents to look up the status of a transaction, or process an exchange or return.
  • Travel companies. Give agents easy access to a customer’s flight reservation, or let them change or update a reservation directly.
  • Hospitality companies. Let agents look up the details of a customer’s current booking, or change or update a booking.

At Gladly, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make customer service better for everyone—from the customers who seek it, to the agents who provide it. And we believe it all starts with equipping your agents with the information and tools they need to deliver personalized service, and to be able to do that fast.

To learn more about how Gladly can integrate with your systems to build a better, more personal experience, check out our product page, or visit our Developer Docs for a more technical deep dive.