How Agent Status Provides Workday Visibility, Across Channels

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With Agent Status, managers finally have true visibility into all agent activity, all in a single space

If the contact center were a circus—and some days it may certainly feels that way—contact center managers would undoubtedly be the featured jugglers.

From making sure that all channels are adequately staffed at all times, to keeping a close eye on missed SLAs, and not forgetting the important task of monitoring and ensuring agent adherence, running a contact center efficiently requires a herculean level of attention to detail and metrics.

That’s why we built Agent Status: to provide managers a holistic view of agent activity—both historical and real-time—across every channel, all in a single place. That way they’re empowered to make the decisions they need on the fly, and run their team as efficiently as they can, with as little effort as possible.

Finally, a Single View Across All Channels

From the very beginning, the vision for Gladly has been to be a true cross-channel platform. That principle underlies the way we built our platform—all channels in one, allowing both agents and customers a seamless path from one channel to another.

And of course, we had that same vision for the manager experience as well. Agent Status represents a big step forward towards that vision.

Gladly Liveboards Unlocks Next-Level CX Reporting

Our newest feature builds on what we previously had with Agent Liveboards.

Now, in addition to being able to see which channels an agent has made themselves available on, as well as the channels they’re helping customers on, managers can go one level deeper to see—at-a-glance—exactly what their agents are working on, without having to spend any added time digging through agent schedules.

That means they can make better decisions, faster.

real-time view of agent activity with Gladly's Liveboards

From the image above, for example, which features our out-of-the-box Agent Liveboards, managers can quickly distinguish between agents who are on the phone for Training purposes versus those actively helping customers.

That means, should phone volumes happen to spike, they immediately understand that though there seems to be more than enough agents available over the phone, most aren’t actually helping customers. And they can take quick action to take those agents off of Training to help stem the tide.

Every Second Accounted For

Our new Agent Status also expands on the types of agent activity that can be tracked.

Previously, managers could see when agents were helping customers on specific channels, as well as when they set themselves as Away from Gladly. Now, they can get even more granular with the ability to:

  • track non-support activities that an agent may be doing in Gladly (like training or coaching), and
  • attribute time spent on specific support activities or campaigns (for example a manual outreach to VIP customers over SMS)

And that’s because managers can now set custom Statuses to ensure that every agent activity is accounted for.

Admin view of Agent Status

That means every second an agent spends in Gladly, or Away from it, can essentially be accounted for.

Agent Duration Report

That level of insight into an agent’s day brings with it several key benefits.

It’s made it easier for managers to monitor agent performance and identify wins or coaching opportunities for agents.

And being able to plot different Statuses to different activities has also made it easier for our customers who outsource part (or all) of their support to BPOs, allowing them to differentiate between work that’s billable versus non-billable, which has helped to simplify their end-of-the-month accounting.

No More Toggling Between Platforms

But besides making it easier for managers to keep track of agent activity, Agent Status also  helps agents and managers fit more activity into their day.

For managers, Agent Status gives them a single source of truth for agent activity across all channels, all in one place. Something that they would previously have to spend time to cobble together themselves across the multiple platforms that agents worked within.

Agent Dropdown

And it’s also a more efficient experience for agents because they don’t have to navigate to a separate platform each time they need to update what they’re doing—a practice 70% of agents say negatively affects their productivity. Instead, they’re able to access a dropdown list of activities from every page of the platform.

True Visibility that Drives Efficiency

Deep, actionable insights are key to helping managers run their contact centers and manage agents efficiently. With Agent Status, managers finally have that true, omnichannel view across their team that empowers them to make the important decisions that push the needle in their organization.