Unlocking Customer Loyalty through Natural Conversation

Maria Spanicciati

Content Marketer, Gladly

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Think of the last enjoyable, engaging conversation you had with someone.

Now think of the last time you went to the DMV.

Pretty different experiences, right? And if you’re anything like us (or most people, really) it’s sort of a no-brainer which experience you’d rather be having.

But unfortunately, many customer service interactions are more like a trip to the DMV—they’re cold, they’re impersonal, and they’re more of a pain than a pleasure.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Our latest ebook gives you the in-depth scoop on how to build customer loyalty through natural conversation.

Moving from systems to people

If your current customer support system feels like more of a constant fight than a casual how-do-you-do, it probably isn’t your fault. Most support systems are just that—they’re systems. And systems aren’t always well suited to natural, human interactions.

But what if you could build your systems around the interactive, social needs of people, instead of the other way around?

By leveraging tools that put people first, your brand can provide a customer experience that encourages personal dialogue and builds lasting relationships.

Unlocking natural conversations

Legacy customer service systems usually revolve around assigning—and resolving—customer support tickets.

But when was the last time you had fun at a place that asked you to “take a number and wait”? No one likes the DMV, and no one likes being treated like another issue to check off the list.

Instead, the conversations we do enjoy usually rely on two basic ingredients: recognition and memory. You recognize someone you know, then you use your memory of the last time you talked to catch up.

Most CX software misses these two key ingredients. Your service heroes are entering new interactions with only a ticket to go on—so there’s no way to recognize returning customers, no way to pull up their last interactions, and no way to build a lasting, human relationship.

There has to be a better, more personal way to do it, right? Thankfully, there is, and it isn’t as hard as it seems.

How the right systems can help

Unlike the DMV, your brand can’t count on an endless chain of tired and begrudging customers to sadly file in each day and take their place in the line. You need a customer experience that builds brand loyalty and keeps consumers coming back for more—because they actually want to.

That’s where the right customer service platform comes into play.

Imagine if your agents had the tech support they needed to greet each individual by name—and the opportunity to view their past conversations, previously resolved issues, and lifetime purchasing history.

Now your agents have the advantage of both of those two key ingredients: recognition and memory. They recognize the customer by name, and they remember key details about the customer’s history with your brand because it’s all displayed right there in front of them.

That means your service heroes can get straight to work—if easy, natural, personal conversations even count as work. No more impersonal ticket numbers, no more asking customers to wait while you look up their last support ticket, and no more cold, transactional interactions with people who could be your new biggest fans.

Download our full ebook

If all of this is sounding pretty enticing to your support team right now, we’ve got good news—Gladly is here to help.

Our all-in-one customer service platform is designed to put people first and make natural, human conversations with your customers effortless.

Download the full ebook to learn more.


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