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Meet your customers where they are

Being a customer in the 21st Century means being able to connect with your favorite brand on any channel. It’s important to meet your customers when they want, where they want — and that includes social media. They actually now expect it.

Gladly helps brands meet customers on their preferred channel. With Facebook, you can help your customers without them having to leave the app, and service heroes don’t need to leave Gladly to see customer support-related direct messages from Facebook. They show up on the Conversation Timeline just like any other channel, enabling heroes to continue their lifelong conversations with their customers no matter what channel their issues come from.

Switch between customer service channels

With Gladly, service heroes have all the context they need in one place to understand what a customer recently purchased, and what is top of mind before starting the conversation.

And if a customer switches channels, service heroes will have all the information they need prior to helping them.

For example, if a customer sent you a message on Facebook Messenger, but would rather finish the conversation on the phone, they could call you and pick up the conversation right where they left off and not have to repeat themselves, regardless of the service hero that answers the phone to help.

Since Gladly enables one continuous conversation across all channels, service heroes will see the previous Facebook message right in the customer’s profile and have all the context they need to quickly jump in and help over the phone.

Even better, there will not be two tickets or cases in the backlog (one for Facebook and one for email), just a single conversation with your customer.

How it works on Gladly

For Facebook Messenger, service heroes would respond just like they would for SMS.

Make your customers love you even more

By being at the right place at the right time, and engaging with customers in our highly-social world, you will not only increase customer satisfaction but build brand affinity along the way.


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