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Text Based Customer Service

According to a recent Text Request finding, Americans spend over 5 hours on their phones and send almost 100 text messages per day. In June 2017, the total number of text messages reached almost 1 trillion for the month. 

This means that, as a customer service representative, text messaging should be utilized as an essential channel to interact with customers. And with the advent of text messaging apps and platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, the implementation of a text-based customer service strategy is all the more necessary.  

Below is everything you need to know on why and how to adopt a textbased customer service strategy.  

What is TextBased Customer Service? 

Textbased customer service refers to, as you may have guessed, any kind of customer service support conducted through text. This also includes SMS customer service platforms and third-party messaging apps, like Messenger or WhatsApp.  

With textbased customer service, support teams can relay updates and notifications, resolve customer inquiries, conduct surveys and reviews, and track products all with a few text messages.  

In order to scale, organize, and limit errors, most textbased customer service strategies implement SMS customer service software. Utilizing a software or texting platform will help you track your messages, organize your data, and streamline notification and update processes.   

Benefits of Customer Service Via Text Message 

The biggest reason you should adopt customer service via text messaging is to reach your customers on the platforms that they’re using.  

Gigaom, a tech analysis and research company, found that while text messages are opened 98% of the time, emails only open 22% of the time. This means that if you want to reach out to your customers, if you want to be heard, and if you want to build long-term connections, you need to have a customer service presence via text messaging.  

Other benefits of text based customer service include:  

  • Customer Experience: Text messaging, as a less formal platform than email or phone calls, will feel more personal to your customers. Couple the casual tone with the speed and efficiency of texting, and you have a boost in customer experience and satisfaction.
  • More Options: You want your customers to have more options. Especially if you have a diverse and wide-ranging customer base, it’s important to provide several communication lines that customers turn to. Providing texting as a customer service option will help you reach more customers and more demographics of customers.
  • It’s Often More Convenient: A text message is that comfortable space between a phone call and email. It’s faster and more convenient than an email, but it doesn’t require the two parties to be completely focused on the conversation, often leading to an overall more convenient experience. 
  • Improved Efficiency: Because your customer service agents will be able to handle multiple conversations at the same time, you will likely see an increase in productivity. Additionally, customers will have to wait less time to get a response to their answers. 
  • Texting is Fun: Emojis and gifs, when used properly, are a fun way to interact with your customers. Customer service representatives can create a more casual, light-hearted tone with their customers by using some of the unique features to texting. 

SMS Customer Service Platforms You Need to be Using  

Aside from basic text messaging, there are several SMS customer service platforms you should be using.  

And because most businesses can support over-the-top-messaging (OTT), which is simply messaging outside of SMS through third-party platforms, integrating texting apps and outside platforms should be a simple task. 

Some of the major SMS and messaging platforms you should be using include: 

  • WhatsApp 
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Line 
  • Apple Business Chat 
  • WeChat 
  • Android Messenger 
  • SMS 

On top of integrating third-party platforms, you can also utilize a SMS template to help you track your messages and scale your responses. Templates allow you to provide updates, send notifications, reach out to passive customers, and answer basic inquiries with ease and efficiency.  

Gladly’s highly personal, human-centered customer service features will help any customer service team maximize their text-based strategies. Whether you’re texting, using a third-party messaging service, or using phone and chat channels, we’ve got you covered. 

See what radically personal customer service means with Gladly today.  

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