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Media companies like BuzzFeed have made recommendation quizzes wildly popular. From Netflix recommendations to books and music recommendations, people love taking these quizzes because they’re fun and they give customers what they want.

Implementing a recommendation quiz into your business is a great way to drive sales and promote your brand. Depending on the scope of your company, you can help customers find exactly what they’re looking for in a fun and engaging way.

Below is everything you need to know about product recommendation quizzes that drive sales.

Benefits of product recommendation quizzes

So why would you create a product recommendation quiz in the first place? According to E-Commerce Times, these recommendation quizzes drive revenue  more than 25%.

Other key benefits include:

  • The popularity of these quizzes demonstrate how much customers enjoy them, and providing product customer quizzes will improve the customer experience while promoting your brand.
  • Proactive marketing is all about customer engagement. Product recommendation quizzes are excellent for marketing your products and services in a way that allows your customers to interact with your company and culture.
  • Product recommendation quizzes are easy to make and maintain, which means that you can drive sales while minimizing costs on marketing and advertisement.
  • Product recommendation quizzes help you educate your customers on your products and services. Especially if you have a new line of goods and services, these can be great for introducing those items to the public.

There are a number of benefits that these quizzes provide, and you can only look to gain from implementing them into your business.

How to create a recommendation quiz for ecommerce sales

So how do you create a recommendation quiz for ecommerce sales? While it isn’t the most difficult thing to do, there are ways to optimize the look, layout, and questions so they appeal to customers.

Within your website, you can follow these steps to build your product recommendation quiz for ecommerce sales.

  1. Pick your layout – There are a number of quizmaker websites out there, like Interact, as well as a number of plug-ins if you’re using a site like Shopify. Once you’ve settled on a maker, you can pick your layout.
  2. Setting the title – The title is going to be the thing that either deters or invites customers to take your quiz, so picking the right title is paramount to success. The title should be relevant to your product/service, but it should also be inciting and evoke strong emotions.
  3. Crafting questions of opinion – Crafting questions is an art, and relying on customer-centered questions, not product-centered questions, will make for the most engaging quiz. Asking customer preferences on their daily routines and interests – like what smells they like if you’re a bath and body company – will help form the best quizzes.
  4. Lead generation form linking – Not every quiz will lead to a sale, but you can still leverage your product recommendation quiz to create leads for the future. On the results page, you can ask customers to provide an email and other personal information that you can use later.
  5. Product recommendations – The product recommendation should be carefully thought out, but you can also introduce other products that are similar. Be sure to provide a link to the product so you can reroute them to your website and include a call to action on how they can get the best deals on their recommended products.
  6. Tracking and automating responses – You can track your responses to learn about what customers are interested in and send automated emails to whoever takes the quiz that include follow ups and other products they might be interested in.
  7. Analyzing – You should be utilizing the rich data you’re receiving from these quizzes to analyze and learn about your customers interests. You can use this information to create brand and marketing campaigns and bolster your sales strategies.
  8. Social media engagement – Finally, don’t forget to engage your customers on social media by posting pictures and providing fun links to the quizzes. So much of BuzzFeed and other media platforms’ success with recommendation quizzes has been a result of their social media presence.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a fun, interactive, and revenue-driving recommendation quiz.


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