7 New Features To Help Agents Deliver Fun, Fast Service

Gladly Team

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Customer service agents spend a sizeable chunk of their day working in customer support platforms—often up to 35+ hours a week. And doing anything for that long can be exhausting.

That’s why it’s important to empower your agents with tools that help make their lives easier, so they can feel better, and pass on those good feelings to your customers on the other end.

Today, we’re excited to announce a handful of new agent-focused features we believe will help do just that.

🙌 Emojis FTW

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we reckon an emoji would go for at least 500.

We’re excited to share that agents can now drop emojis into their conversations with customers.

Not only are they a way for agents to express themselves in a fun, informal, and (most importantly) relatable way, but they can also save your agents a few keystrokes .

For example, an agent texting with a customer about coffee can seamlessly drop in a coffee pot emoji to add a fun, playful tone to the conversation, and end it with a thumbs up or happy face when the conversation is over.

Help your agents say more with less with emojis.
Simple gestures like these can put a smile on your customers’ faces, and helps makes their interaction with customer service feel more human and less corporate.

You Auto-Complete Me

We’ve also dropped our brand-new Auto-Complete feature that helps complete an agent’s sentence as they’re typing it.

Auto-Complete helps save your agents precious time and keystrokes.
Auto-Complete is smart enough to remember the frequent responses an organization may have for customers—such as your standard greetings or responses on return policies. So when an agent starts typing that response, Auto-Complete will suggest how that response should end, and an agent can choose to accept it (by clicking Tab), or continue the sentence as they see fit.

Gladly’s Auto-Complete works across all your digital channels—from email to social to SMS—saving your agents precious time and keystrokes.

Color Me Impressed With New Font Colors

We’re bringing some added color to your agents’ world with new font colors. Besides the traditional black, agents can now use gray, blue, red, green, and orange too.

Besides being a great addition on the aesthetics front, using different colors is a fast, effective way to emphasize information to customers, drawing their eyes to key information that may be buried in a block of text.

Colors not only help brighten agents day, but are a quick, easy way to draw your customers’ attention to the information that matters.

HTML Markdown Keeps Your Intention (And Formatting) Intact

Have you ever copied and pasted something and found that the formatting just won’t stick?

An Agent copying a bulleted list no longer has to reapply their formatting – saving them time and sanity.
With HTML Markdown, agents can now copy and paste with abandon, without sacrificing their formatting rules—even when it comes to the notoriously stubborn bulleted list.

Small But Mighty: Quotes, Auto-Capitalization & Indentation

Quotes, Auto-Capitalization, and Indentation are three new formatting features that may seem small but pack a pretty mean punch when it comes to helping agents be more efficient.

Quote Formatting

Sometimes your agents need to reference a previous message (whether from a customer or colleague) when giving their response. Rather than having them do their own recap of the message—or worse, risking confusion over which message an agent is referring to—an agent can ‘Quote’ that message instead.

Eliminate confusion around what your agents are referring to with quotes.
Leveraging the Quote feature reproduces the customer’s message, and allows the agent to post their response directly below it, saving the agent time in having to preface their response, and eliminating the risk of confusion and the need for scrolling.


Who has time to press ‘Shift’ nowadays?

Our new Auto-Capitalization feature helps agents respond to customers faster by allowing them to write free-form, while automatically capitalizing letters that should be capitalized—like after a period, exclamation point or question mark, or the “I”s in the middle of your sentences.

Auto-Capitalization saves your agents precious time and keystrokes by finishing their sentences.
That way agents can focus on the content of their response instead of the capitalization.


Agents can now create clear, bulleted lists with ease with Indentation, allowing them to condense lengthy, detailed information into an easy-to-skim format.

Indentation is especially helpful when sending a list of instructions or creating a to-do list within Notes, providing agents a more efficient way to compose messages within Gladly. 

These new, time-savers are just some of the ways we’re helping agents work faster (not harder), so your customers get the answers they need, without taking too much out of your agents.

Be sure to check out our webinars for more ways to increase agent efficiency and help your customers faster.