How to Improve eCommerce Customer Service

Maria Spanicciati

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Gladly

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In the first article in our eCommerce Customer Service Tips series, we talked about best practices eCommerce brands can use to provide radically personal, loyalty-building online customer experiences.

If you’ve already implemented—or are planning to implement—the practices we detailed in our last customer service blog, congratulations!

You’re one step closer to easy, seamless, and human service experiences, and your customers will thank you for it—but you may be wondering what further steps you can take to improve your online CX.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few more tips to help you deliver next-level eCommerce customer support experience.

Embrace channel-independence

As an eCommerce brand, one of your biggest customer service challenges is making customers feel known and heard at a distance.

That means helping them reach you as easily and conveniently as possible.

Many of today’s consumers prefer to reach out using newer channels like direct messaging, texting, and chat.

What’s more, they tend to move between these channels according to convenience. That means relying on phone and email support isn’t going to cut it—instead, you’ll need seamless support for a wide range of channels, and a customer support platform that makes it easy to move between them.

A channel-independent platform like Gladly can make shifting between channels effortless by bringing all of a customer’s interactions into a single, lifelong conversation—regardless of which channels the customer prefers to use at any point.

Implement 24-hour support

If you’re selling goods or services online, you can bet that your customers will be shopping at all hours of the day—and night.

That means you need to prioritize building out a 24-hour support line so an agent is always available. Otherwise, you risk losing business from the late-night shoppers among us.


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If there’s one thing our surveys have consistently shown, it’s that no one wants to be treated like a ticket number. In fact, most consumers say they’re more likely to make repeat purchases or recommend a brand to others if they’re offered a more personalized support experience.

Unfortunately, legacy ticket-and-case-based platforms make offering personal service unnecessarily difficult. Consider switching to a customer service platform that puts people first while arming your service heroes with the knowledge they need to welcome each customer as a person, not a ticket.

Stay proactive

When it comes to making your customers feel welcome, it helps to reach out proactively throughout the shopping experience. Consider setting up automated chats for customers that have stalled on a product or checkout page—or sending automated follow-up messages once a product has been delivered. These messages can help assure your customers that help is there if they need it.

You can also encourage your agents to reach out after support conversations. If your service hero recently came to the rescue with a personalized recommendation, sending a quick follow-up message to ask how the purchase turned out is a great way to let the customer know that you value their business and care about their satisfaction.

Keep tabs on customer satisfaction

If you want to know how to keep improving your customers’ experience, you’ll need to actively listen to their feedback and concerns. You can use customer satisfaction scores to collect customer feedback and constantly look for potential areas for improvement.

In addition, you can encourage your agents to note common questions, issues, and concerns that arise during support conversations—if customers are reaching out repeatedly with the same problems, it may be a sign that a part of your shopping experience isn’t as easy or streamlined as it should be.

Radically personal eCommerce customer support

If you’re still looking for more ways to take your eCommerce customer support to the next level, Gladly can help.

Our all-in-one customer service platform brings all customer interactions across channels into a seamless, lifelong conversation—so your agents can get right to work providing radically personal service. To see how Gladly’s people-focused, easiest-to-use platform can transform your eCommerce customer support, contact us today or check out our demo.

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Gladly is a customer service platform for digitally-focused B2C companies who want to maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Unlike the legacy approach to customer service software, which is designed around a ticket or case to enable workflows, Gladly enables radically personal customer service centered around people to sustain customer loyalty and drive more revenue.

The world’s most innovative consumer companies like Godiva, JOANN, and TUMI use Gladly to create lasting customer relationships, not one-off experiences. 

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