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45 Ecommerce Stats for Accelerated Digital Transformation

45 Ecommerce stats you need to know to grow your business in 2021.

The world is rapidly changing and as a result, we’ve seen the explosion of ecommerce and digital commerce become the main way we as consumers engage with the companies and brands that we love.  

As consumer expectations continue to evolve, we’ve decided to gather key statistics and trends from industry reports and surveys to help you deal with the changes in digital and ecommerce.  

Grab your copy of our latest report, 45 Ecommerce Stats for Accelerated Digital Transformation, as a starting point to kickstart your ecommerce strategic planning in 2021. 

  • Turn returns into exchanges at every opportunity 
  • Transition your online storefront to your new in-store experience 
  • Turn your customer service agents into natural sellers 
  • Meet customers where they are  

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