How to Scale Customer Service Team with Always-On Agents

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Gladly + Simplr are teaming up to help brands deliver radically personal service at scale with Simplr’s always-on agents.

As brands grow, contact center managers need to figure out how to help their team maintain a service level that meets their customers’ needs and expectations. This problem often leads to an age-old dilemma––do they hire more agents or implement automated services?

Hiring more agents will maintain a personal customer service experience but adds a significant increase to costs that isn’t scalable. On the flip-side, automated solutions like chatbots improve efficiency and drive down costs but feel less personal.

Our newest integration with Simplr provides brands the best of both worlds with a cost-effective solution for scaling the contact center without losing that personal touch.

Working together to help brands deliver personal services at scale

Simplr’s always-on network of customer service agents act as an extension of a brand’s customer service team, who are always ready to help customers no matter what time of day and no matter how much demand fluctuates. This on-demand approach for scaling service offers a flexible solution for brands that only pay for the conversations resolved by Simplr agents. With the Gladly and Simplr integration, brands get two people-centered solutions that help them deliver fast, personal customer service experiences around the clock without breaking the bank.

– Seamlessly scaling with always-on support to help simplify forecasting cycles and avoid long wait times. Life in the contact center is unpredictable. All it takes is a website issue or shipping delays due to a weather storm to trigger a massive surge in inbound service requests, and each customer will expect the same thing––a personal and timely response. With Gladly + Simplr, brands can quickly scale up and down coverage to meet their consumers’ demands during unforeseen spikes or even help meet seasonal needs.

Expanded service hours with 24/7 coverage by allowing Simplr’s always-on agents to resolve inquiries outside of standard business hours. Customers shop on their time and expect assistance no matter the time of day. Offering around-the-clock service can be the difference between a customer making a purchase or moving on without ever returning. The addition of Simplr ensures customers can always connect with live agents, no matter what time of day it is or where they live, while also helping lighten the load for the brand’s internal agents once they get back online.

Keep the conversations personal and timely with always-on agents that give brands the ability to respond with the speed of a bot while maintaining the personal touch of a human. The Simplr + Gladly partnership also frees up in-house customer service teams to provide more personalized high-touch support to customers with complex issues.

How it works

As a customer, receiving a greeting from an agent who addresses them by name goes a long way towards making the conversation feel personal. It is the simple things like that or saving the customer from shuffle through emails by already knowing their order number that makes a difference and is something customers have come to expect. Personalized service is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have, and Gladly helps make this possible even as brands choose to scale their service coverage with the help of Simplr.

Gladly + Simplr integration ensures every customer interaction is radically personal, regardless of who takes the customer request. Simplr uses insights and customer information from Gladly to ensure its platform sets up its network of always-on agents to provide exceptional, on-brand service every time.

Give agents a complete understanding of who they are talking to

Gladly provides both the in-house team and Simplr agents with key information about a customer such as who they are, visibility of past orders, and even personal buying preferences so they have everything they need to make the conversations seamless and personal before even saying ‘hello.’

Gladly provides agents with key customer information to keep conversations personal

Gladly provides agents with key customer information to keep conversations personal.

Make it easy to reference past conversations for a more personalized experience

Every customer interaction is kept in a lifelong conversation timeline so agents can quickly reference past conversations in a single view. The timeline includes all interactions between a customer and Simplr agent, giving in-house agents complete visibility of the customer’s previous engagements with the brand. This quick view of the past makes it easy for agents to follow up on outstanding items or even make a recommendation based on previous customer behavior, even when it’s the agent’s first time speaking with the customer.

Gladly provides a lifelong view of a customer's conversations so agents always have historical context.

Gladly provides a lifelong view of a customer’s conversations so agents always have historical context.

Empower in-house agents to collaborate with Simplr agents

Gladly makes it easy for Simplr agents to seamlessly transfer a customer to an in-house when they need additional support or expertise of the brand’s in-house agents. And since Gladly presents agents with single view of the customer conversation, in-house agents can seamlessly pick up the conversation without asking customers to recap anything that has already been discussed.

Gladly allows agents to quickly pick up conversations in context by giving them everything about the customer in a single view.

Gladly allows agents to quickly pick up conversations in context by giving them everything about the customer in a single view.