Use Insight Builder to Create Metrics, Reports and Dashboards

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Getting actionable insights from your data can be challenging for many reasons. It may be because you uniquely define specific metrics, or you’re a fan of a few reports but hate having to export those reports so that you can combine them elsewhere – creating more work for you in another tool. Sometimes, you just want a well-designed visual or graph that you can drop into a presentation and share with others. Regardless, you shouldn’t have to be a spreadsheet guru or graphic designer to make data work for you.

With Insight Builder, you’ll quickly customize reports, metrics, and dashboards to understand and share your business’s performance.

What is Insight Builder?

Insight Builder simplifies creating custom reports and dashboards by streamlining the steps involved in designing them. It’s built right within Gladly, and we’ve curated pre-configured Quick Start reports to begin leveraging your data in new ways.

Analysts and Managers can quickly build reports using Gladly datasets to answer questions for your business and track key initiatives. Plus, we built Insight Builder with usability in mind, so anyone on staff – even non-technical folks – can quickly create their reports without a coding background.

Our goal is to provide organizations like yours with greater control over your data to deliver personalized content for actionable insight across your teams and leadership.

It only takes a few minutes to build and share powerful visualizations through shared dashboards for your organization’s stakeholders. This enables your teams to easily track their KPIs across all departments in one place – instead of spending valuable time searching through spreadsheets.

Tailor reports and dashboards to fit your organizational needs

Get the data you need when you need it by creating reports using existing Gladly datasets to answer business questions with data. You can calculate metrics in the way your business defines them and streamline reports only to include the relevant information.

We think this will reduce the swivel between other reporting tools, too. You can take this data and build visualizations like graphs and charts so it’s easy for others to understand. Choose from different graphical styles, add labels using terms your team understands, and use your brand colors to feature your key metrics clearly—all without having to step foot in a spreadsheet.

Empower teams to understand performance

Often, companies run pilots and projects. Each team must understand success quickly during the pilot process and at a company level.

In the past, it was time-consuming to pull metrics from multiple reports – especially as they referenced a wide variety of data. And, team leads needed a single place to see data and understand if things were going well.

Now, Analysts can quickly share your reports and visualizations in shared dashboards tailored to suit the needs of leadership and each team across the organization.

Plus, you can set filters so that report viewers can modify data in dashboards – like date range, channels, teams, and more- without affecting others.

If your organization is looking to make your team’s success easier to understand, then Insight Builder is the perfect tool. It offers quick access to data and personalized dashboards that can be shared with business stakeholders or saved in personal folders for easy reference. You’ll save time previously spent searching through spreadsheets by giving employees one central location for all their key metrics.

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