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We are excited to announce that Gladly is now a certified Shopify Plus Partner, joining a community of best-in-class technology solutions selected to meet the needs of high-growth businesses.

Our partnership with Shopify furthers our mission of empowering brands to deliver radically personal customer experiences at scale, giving us all the more reason to be ecstatic about being certified as a Shopify Plus Partner.

“The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world’s fastest growing brands. We’re happy to welcome Gladly to the program, bringing their insight and experience in Customer Support to the Plus merchant community.”

Loren Padelford

VP, Shopify

What excites us about this partnership the most

The Shopify Plus merchant community shares the same heart that we do as innovators eager to implement creative solutions to help deliver an experience that customers love. We’re currently working with forward-thinking brands such as Rothy’sAndieBirdies, and Jupiter and excited to partner with more like-minded brands who will progress a new wave of customer service that radically changes how they engage with customers. 


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How we help Plus merchants transform the service experience

It’s no secret; customers love excellent service! Sadly, according to our recent 2021 Customer Expectations Report, 81% of consumers believe customer service falls below their expectations. This startling stat is often due to the failures of problematic ticket-based customer service solutions.

The modern-day customer wants to be treated as a person, not a ticket. Gladly helps brands put the customer atthe center of every interaction, empowering agents to have personalized conversations that build brand loyalty and inspire people to buy from the brands they love. 

The only platform with all channels built in

Consumers want the freedom to reach brands on the channel of their choice and switch channels at their convenience. We are the only customer service solution on Shopify Plus with all channels natively built into the platform, including voice. 

This introduces a unique advantage by tying every contact across all channels to a single conversational thread, giving agents the ability to have conversations with customers that seamlessly transition between channels without the need to jump from platform to platform.

Gladly provides a single, lifelong conversation view across every channel

Gladly provides a single, lifelong conversation view across every channel

 the customer and get radically personal

Customers also want to feel known right from ‘hello.’ Within the first few seconds of a conversation, agents need to know who they are talking to as well as other key information such as the customer’s past purchase history and interactions.

Our integration with Shopify allows brands to surface all the relevant information about a customer in a single view, empowering agents to drive personal conversations with customers that will feel like they are talking to a friend. Gone are the days of asking a customer for their order number or, worse off, requesting them to recap or repeat something they have already communicated to an agent in a previous conversation.

Surfacing key customer information helps agents keep the conversation personal

Surfacing key customer information helps agents keep the conversation personal

Help agents work aster

Jumping from tab to tab to help support a customer’s request is burdensome and inefficient, slowing down the customer service experience. Agents would much rather work from a single platform to help customers. Our integration with Shopify gives agents that single command center they want, giving them the ability to cancel/refund orders, issue discounts, and access quick links to Shopify, all within Gladly. 

Gladly gives agents a single commands center to help customers without jumping into Shopify

Gladly gives agents a single commands center to help customers without jumping into Shopify

The efficiency gains from our Shopify integration together with other Gladly tools such as automation, built-in knowledge base, suggested answers, task collaboration, and more; agents get a single command center to help customers faster than ever before. 

“With Gladly, everything an agent needs is right in front of them. They can see a customer’s orders pulled right in from Shopify. They can see what a customer’s lifetime value is. They can cancel an order. The usability as an agent is 100% better with Gladly.”

Katrina Donohue

Customer Experience Manager

Last, but not least, get up and running fast

We designed Gladly to look and feel like modern-day messaging applications that we use in our everyday lives, making it quick and easy for agents to train and go live within days instead of weeks. Our partnership with Shopify makes it even easier for brands to quickly implement Gladly through our app on the Shopify App Store. Once live on Gladly, Shopify merchants can set up the integration without any need for technical support from your team.

If you’re interested in seeing this integration in action and learning more about the advantages of our people-centered customer service approach, sign up for a demo.