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In the latest episode of Radically Personal, a podcast from Gladly, Melanie Travis, the founder and CEO of Andie, shares how vulnerable shopping for swimwear can be for women. And why that led her to start Andie with the goal of creating a radically personal shopping experience that feels like shopping with your best friend. 

It’s an incredible story that I am truly excited to share.

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If you haven’t yet heard about Andie, they are one of the top direct-to-consumer swimwear retailers and growing 600% year over year. It’s an entirely women-led company and an amazing example of delivering radically personal customer and shopping experiences.

When they launched Andie in 2017, they built the brand to feel like a customer’s best friend – trustworthy and there when you need them. In this episode she explains the thinking about why they chose the name.

Melanie Travis, the founder and CEO of Andie

Melanie shares how Andie creates a memorable customer journey that feels like shopping with your best friend – starting with the name, Andie, to the first time they engage with a potential shopper, how Andie starts conversations around swimwear through realistic and empowering social ads, and continues all the way through the Fit Quiz to help find the suit that is personalized for them and continuing in their conversations after the very first purchase. 

She shares this amazing stat that customers that engage with them on customer service have higher lifetime value, higher repeat purchase rate and generally love the brand more. It is a great example of the value of customer service as a revenue center. And a counter to the idea that customer service is a cost center. In fact, customer service is the new marketing. 

You’ll hear about a customer service interaction that began with the return of one swimsuit and led to the purchase of six more. I love this story because while so many brands are transforming their call center, Andie has made agents who are product and fit experts part of their model from the start. 

Melanie also shares some really moving stories from women who trusted Andie to recommend swimsuits during times when they were feeling vulnerable and dealing with life’s challenges.

We are both big believers that Radically Personal customer service is an essential brand pillar for any company that sets out to be “best-in-class.” We talk about why this is especially true in the direct-to-consumer category where each conversation is a chance to go above and beyond. The results are lifelong brand advocates that stick with you. 

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