How KURU Footwear Drives Sales while Reducing Contact Volume

Maria Spanicciati

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Gladly

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5 minute read

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Every business wants to drive sales. But for ecommerce brands like KURU Footwear, an increase in orders usually means higher customer contact volume and ultimately more agent resources to manage it all. When orders are on the rise, you simply can’t afford to let your customer support fall behind.

KURU Footwear set out with the goal of increasing their sales with a scalable approach to providing their customers with an elevated service experience. Their customer service team works with their ecommerce and marketing teams to anticipate and solve every customer need before they even arise. Whether that’s through how they engage with customers on their website, when a customer makes a purchase, or even when they reach out to their contact center, they value a cohesive, customer-first experience. And part of being customer-first is ensuring you’re running an efficient operation at every phase of the customer journey.

More Sales with 40% Less Volume

Prior to switching to Gladly, KURU’s sales and ticket volumes would increase at the same rate; however, once they made the switch, they saw significant decreases in inbound volume. KURU has had sales growth week over week, but instead of seeing an increase in ticket volumes as well, it dropped by 40% each week.


Empowering Agents to Sell: How CX Can Drive Revenue


“The switch to Gladly has helped us lower our total volumes dramatically. The biggest reason is we see everything in a single conversation with the customer instead of separate tickets,” Ben Devey, Head of CX explains. “It’s the difference of looking between how many customers are contacting us vs. just the total number of contacts. That gains efficiencies right there.”

Having inbound requests tied to people, not tickets or cases, means that KURU doesn’t have to worry about duplication of tickets, agents working on the same task, and long customer wait times. As sales grow, this is critical to not only ensure you’re providing a best-in-class service experience to your customers, but important for agents as well as they’re better-equipped to support a potential surge in volume.

More Efficient Agents Means More Sales Opportunities

Unlike their previous platform, Gladly is a true all-channel solution. KURU no longer needs to maintain disparate systems as they have access to every channel with a single login. They’ve even seen their abandoned calls drop more than 3X in just a few short months due to shorter wait times and more efficient agents.

In addition, agents at KURU previously needed to use sticky notes to keep track of open items, and “other agents would use calendar invites to remind themselves to follow up with customers,” Ben explains. Agents can now keep track of all their day-to-day work right in Gladly. With agents spending less time on managing their workload, it gives them more time to focus on more complex customer problems.

By switching to a single, unified platform that drives operational and agent efficiencies and helps maximize sales, KURU has been able to provide exceptional service for their customers that brings the in-store experience to online.Learn more about KURU Footwear’s story by reading their full Gladly Customer Spotlight.