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Recently, Gladly VP of Sales, Mike McCarron, sat down to discuss Gladly’s radically personal customer service platform with the hosts of Resourcive as a Podcast.

Topics covered include Gladly’s revolutionary integration of service channels, its person-centered approach to customer service, and the ways in which Gladly’s platform can help turn your contact center into a revenue center.

Check out our recap of the episode below, or listen to the complete recording here.

Why Gladly?

Plenty of customer service platforms promise omnichannel service or support, but to truly understand what sets Gladly apart, you have to leave tickets and cases behind.

“Gladly is a business-to-consumer-focused customer service platform that is looking at addressing a lot of the main challenges that exist with legacy case-and-ticket-based customer service platforms, because those platforms were never designed for the way consumers behave today. —Mike McCarron, Gladly VP of Sales”

In a traditional ticket-and-case-based model, each interaction with consumers generates a ticket which is then routed to a specific service team or agent. But what happens if a customer sends an email first thing in the morning, then sends a second message in chat before finally calling on the phone?

In a ticket-based system, the email might be routed to one service team, while the chat message goes to a second and the phone call is handled by a third, and none of these teams will have any idea that these tickets are from the same customer. The end result is inefficiency, extra work for service agents, and a less-than-satisfying experience for the consumer.

Today’s consumers often use several different channels in order to get help from customer service, and they tend to use these channels interchangeably according to convenience.

By building all channels into a single native view, Gladly allows an agent to easily view a consumer’s entire profile, including their name and all of their past communications across every channel. The result is a customer service platform that allows agents to approach each interaction from a more personalized, customer-centric perspective.

Turning cost centers into revenue centers

Gladly’s seamless integration with ecommerce platforms also allows agents to immediately view a customer’s lifetime value and previous purchasing history, which is displayed natively in the interface alongside the customer’s previous communications.

As Resourcive’s Kyle Hall is quick to point out, this unique feature turns what has traditionally been a cost center for brands into an opportunity for agents to upsell, cross-sell, and drive customer loyalty through a better customer experience. Knowing a customer’s shopping preferences, purchasing history, and previous relationship with your brand allows your agents to make recommendations on a personalized basis, so they can feel more comfortable making upsells or cross-sells.

In fact, one of Gladly’s first users reported that their agent was able to turn the routine return of a pair of shoes into a sale of three additional pairs, all based on the user information that was immediately available to them in the interface.

Easy access to a customer’s purchasing history and lifetime value also allows your brand to roll out the red carpet for long-term and high-spending customers. Since your agents will be able to see a given customer’s history with your brand, high-value customers can be easily routed into VIP queues or handled by specialized, highly tenured customer service groups.

Not convinced yet? Try our demo

Gladly offers brands the opportunity for customer service revenue generation, system consolidation, and greater work efficiency, but to truly understand what sets Gladly apart from legacy ticket-and-case-based systems, you really need to see how it all comes together.

Only Gladly gives agents immediate, simultaneous access to a customer’s user profile and communications history across all channels, organized in a timeline view and presented through a clear and intuitive user interface.

“There are a lot of really powerful demos out in this space, but [yours] is right up near the top. You get it immediately if you’re somebody that’s in a contact center or in the B2C space. —Kyle Hall, Resourcive as a Podcast”

For more information on how Gladly can transform your customer service experience, give the full podcast a listen.