Breaking Up with Your Legacy CRM System

Erica Desai

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone, which means it’s time to take a long, hard look at what you really want from your relationship.

And no, we don’t mean you need to break up with your partner. (We’re sure they’re great!) We mean it might be time to end your lengthy but lukewarm affair with legacy CX systems.

Sure, you’ve had a good run, and there’s a certain comfort after all these years together—but that special spark is missing, isn’t it?

Maybe your ticketing system’s bad habits are slowly driving you crazy. Maybe your marriage of convenience with legacy CRM is holding you back from meeting your long-term goals. Or maybe you’re tired of software that leaves you—and your customers—feeling cold.

In any case, it’s time to face the music. Things just aren’t working. And before you set off in search of true love, you need to find a way to break things off.

Here are just a few of the valid concerns your brand can include in its final breakup letter.

You’ve just never made me feel like you care

Legacy ticket-and-case-based systems are cold, unfeeling, and impersonal.

Being asked to take a number and wait in a virtual line almost never leads to genuine human connection—but if your brand still uses software that sorts interactions into tickets and cases, that’s exactly the experience your customers are getting.

It’s time to move to a customer service platform that puts people first and fosters genuine human relationships. Look for a platform that allows your service heroes to instantly view a customer’s personal information and history with your brand, so they can lend interactions a personal touch from the start.

I’m tired of fighting all the time

Legacy customer service platforms generate a separate ticket every time a customer reaches out.

That means that if Jan sends an email about a possible item exchange, then follows up with a chat message, two of your service heroes end up with two different tickets—and neither one knows that they both belong to Jan.

Needless to say, these duplicate tickets quickly become a problem. Not only do they cause inefficiency and slow down your service heroes but they also create a confusing, disjointed experience on Jan’s end.

If you’re tired of constantly fighting with duplicate tickets, look for a software that sorts interactions by customer and allows your service heroes to view communications across all channels at once.

You’re holding me back

Most customer service teams report that juggling multiple tabs causes them to lose efficiency. And while many legacy systems support integrations with other software, none of them offer a truly seamless experience.

Just like a good partner, a good customer service platform should bring out the best in your service heroes. Look for a platform that lets your agents do their work from within a single window. Bonus points if it also features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

We’ve simply grown apart

The numbers don’t lie. Personalized experiences help you grow your brand.

More than 70% of consumers report that they’ll recommend your brand to others if you offer them personalized recommendations. And more than 80% of buyers return to brands that make them feel known.

That means companies aiming for sustainable growth need a customer experience that puts people first—and a customer service platform that makes personal interactions possible.

Remember Jan from earlier? Jan isn’t going to feel a sense of loyalty or recommend your brand to her family and friends if your service heroes can’t remember her name or her previous orders.

And while legacy systems make personal, lifelong relationship-building almost impossible, the right software platform makes it easy to offer a radically personal shopping experience.

“Hey Jan, welcome back! I see that you’re looking to exchange the boots you bought last time. Could I recommend this pair instead? I think they’d look great with that jacket you said you liked earlier.”

See the difference? That’s the kind of experience that drives growth.

Find true love with Gladly

Gladly is the only customer service platform to help your team put people front and center.

Our all-in-one software gives your service heroes immediate access to a customer’s personal info, purchase history, and past conversations across every channel––and all presented within a clean, intuitive user interface. No legacy platform has ever made building customer relationships this easy, this efficient, or this personal.

If you’re finally ready to break up with your legacy software, we’d love to help you build your brand through radically personal service—get in touch today or request a demo.


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