TUMI's Customer Service Team Nurtures Connections with Customers

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The Challenge

Leading luggage and travel accessory brand TUMI is passionate about creating innovative, highly functional products using the very best materials and state-of-the-art components. This relentless focus on performance extends from their product line to their customer service delivery.

Committed to providing world-class support to their customers, TUMI’s motto is, “If a customer asks ‘Can you help?’ the answer is always yes.”

TUMI employs a customer-first approach in all of its marketing efforts, forgoing generalized mass emails in favor of personalized, preference-based outreach. But with a customer service platform that made it difficult for heroes to see a customer’s full journey, transitioning their customer service to this bespoke framework was a challenge.

The salesperson on the floor at Rodeo Drive should have the same type of interaction as our Vidalia, Georgia customer service. At the end of the day, we should be able to swap both of them and they should be in that same environment with that same level of confidence, and that same level of precision and empathy for the customer.

Victor Sanz
Creative Director, TUMI

The Solution

By upgrading their phone, email, SMS, and chat channels to Gladly’s platform, TUMI’s customer service heroes could see each customer’s entire TUMI journey on one screen.

With Gladly, there’s no more toggling between screens, no more asking customers to tell their story again, no more duplicate requests across separate channels, and no more endless wait times.

TUMI’s customer service team now has immediate access to past purchases, repair requests, and service center contact history in a single thread, enabling them to better anticipate customer needs.

This improvement in TUMI’s customer service has not only reinforced brand loyalty but also provided value-adds that allow TUMI to compete more effectively against e-commerce giants like Amazon.

The Outcome

TUMI is known for their ability to establish lifelong relationships with their customers. That’s not easy to do, no matter how excellent a product is.

A large part of their success comes from their dedication to providing the same level of service to customers in their Rodeo Drive store as they do to people on the phone with heroes at their Vidalia, Georgia call center.

Thanks to their partnership with Gladly, TUMI’s customer service is as trusted as their luggage.

Hear from TUMI’s Creative Director, Victor Sanz, about how Gladly is helping them design for world-class customer experiences.

Gladly helps us keep humans in the forefront of how we interact with customers, routing customers to the last hero they spoke with, and offering them the continuity, immediate historical knowledge, and empathetic insight of that hero.

Victor Sanz
Creative Director, TUMI

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