Bloomberg Technology: The Next Big Trends in Venture Capital

Gladly Team

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Gladly CEO, Joseph Ansanelli, joined Emily Chang on Bloomberg Technology as they talked about the next big trends in venture capital. During their chat, the two also touched on hot topics in today’s VC landscape including how Gladly is helping companies like JetBlue truly harness the power of the information they have to help provide a better, more efficient customer service experience for their passengers. Joseph also discussed Gladly’s approach to machine learning and how starting with empowering agents to be more productive can be more impactful towards creating five star customer service interactions.  

Gladly is working to build a better customer experience for the way that 21st-century consumers communicate today, so they can communicate with companies across a range of channels and switch between them while still maintaining the same stream of conversation. It’s a fact that’s reinforced by the recent Customer Service Expectations Report which found that 71% of today’s consumers desire a consistent experience across the channels they communicate on.

Watch the full video here: The Next Big Trends in Venture Capital and send us a note if you’re interested in seeing Gladly in action.