The AI Advantage

Optimize the Customer Experience With AI

About the Webinar

The AI Advantage

Customer expectations continue to evolve, and delighting shoppers remains a challenge for organizations around the world. Per McKinsey, 67% of millennials expect real-time customer service and 75% of all customers expect a consistent cross-channel experience.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service has made reliable, lightning-fast support a reality, but without a deep customer focus and a foundation of control, it also runs the risk of providing less-than-ideal responses to customers that leave them feeling deflected instead of recognized. By leveraging AI rooted in personalization and guided by your brand’s policies, playbooks, and processes, companies can provide faster, better responses that exceed customer expectations and drive loyalty.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover the ways your organization can leverage AI and automation to delight customers and supercharge your CX team.

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  • Learn how to drive more customer self-service and agent productivity with AI and automation
  • Explore how leading brands are using Gladly AI and automation tools to power high-performing CX teams
  • Hear from Gladly leadership, including our Co-Founder and CPO, our CMO, and our CRO
  • Learn about AI trends in customer service