How ChatGPT is changing the customer support ecosystem

Here’s what today’s CX leaders are doing about it.

About the Webinar

How ChatGPT is changing the customer support ecosystem

ChatGPT has officially entered the customer service ecosystem, but does it belong there?

According to today’s CX leaders, the answer is yes.

Even though the thought of robots communicating with customers feels like the opposite of “human,” the use of ChatGPT and generative AI offers many benefits to customer service teams that allow agents to spend more time with customers one-on-one, thus establishing a personal, lifelong relationship.

Check out this webinar with CX leaders from Thankful, Crate & Barrel, SupportNinja, and Gladly to hear their perspectives on ChatGPT and how they’ve started using it in their own organizations.

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  • How to integrate ChatGPT alongside all components of your support ecosystem, from business intelligence to BPOs
  • How ecommerce and retailers can win in a loyalty economy
  • How your role as a CX leader will change