5 Benefits of Delivering an Omnichannel Customer Service Experience

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This post was contributed by Jose Herrera, cofounder and CEO of Horatio.

Providing your customers with services that make them want to remain with your brand is essential to building a successful business. You can go about this in various ways, but one of the most viable options is taking the omnichannel customer service approach.

What is omnichannel customer service?

Today, customers desire to have complete control of their buying decisions. They want to purchase products at their convenience, on their own terms, and through a method that suits them best. In the current economic settings, the success of your business goes beyond just how excellent your customer service department is to how well you keep track and make use of your customer’s purchasing journey.

The omnichannel customer journey

Today, consumers use diverse channels to interact with your brand. According to Gladly’s 2021 Customer Expectations Report, 73% of consumers get frustrated when they have to explain their issues over and over again. As such, there is a need for an omnichannel client service that includes personalization.

This is because omnichannel customer service supports a multi-channel sales approach to give customers an integrated, holistic shopping experience. Below are the top 5 benefits of providing omnichannel customer service and how your business can leverage the advantages of omnichannel service to stabilize and grow over time.

Top 5 benefits of omnichannel customer service

1. Provision of a flawless customer experience.

How well you’ve integrated your omnichannel client services strategy will determine how efficient it will be. All your channels should work harmoniously so that they steer your customers in one direction. By using centralization and data integration, you can create a unique voice for your brand to suit every customer’s specific needs. Omnichannel support is not only beneficial to your customers but also your support team. For instance, it saves the bandwidth of the support team by enabling quick response rates and promoting self-service.

2. It gives customers numerous options to interact with your business

Most customers abhor having to wait in line for an extended period to purchase a product or service. They believe that they should readily be able to engage with a particular brand through their preferred channel and at the time they want. The wide usage of smartphones has made more customers open to using channels such as in-app chat, email support, phone, live chat, social media, and chatbots. Through omnichannel customer support, you can expand the scope of your customer engagement by communicating with them using different channels through data integration.

3. Improved customer retention and sales

When your omnichannel resources align with your marketing strategies, your engagement with customers will improve. Consequently, you’ll be able to retain your current customers and attract new ones. Omnichannel service treats each channel like a support channel, leading to other conversations with the customers. The more you are in contact with customers, the more you can convince them to make purchases.

4. It enables a brand to cater to diverse audiences

By using different communication channels, you can engage with both potential and existing customers. Engaging with your customers through various forms of communication such as social media or live chat can help increase your customer base. According to a recent report, 62% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend because of great service. The flexibility of usage and honesty of reviews in social media has made it one of the popular communication channels for customers, so it’s essential to provide your customers with more options for engagement, like social media, to enhance their omnichannel customer experience.

5. Better customer satisfaction

Brands that provide an omnichannel consumer experience have better customer satisfaction and retention than those who do not. Studies show that 63% of customers fall in love with brands because of great service. This is because effective omnichannel strategies make customers’ purchasing journeys easier by clearing any hurdles they face while interacting with your brand.

A customer’s lasting impression of your brand is often determined by the level of service you provide. From expanding potential touchpoints with buyers to increasing your customers’ loyalty, it’s easy to see how omnichannel benefits customers. Without an omnichannel service strategy, your customers’ buying experience will likely suffer, and ultimately your business will, too.

Learn more about how you can deliver a radically personal omnichannel service experience by downloading the 2021 Customer Expectations Report.

Jose is the cofounder and CEO of Horatio. Prior to Horatio, Jose oversaw the Latin American Investment Management portfolio for Morgan Stanley for nearly a decade. Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic, Jose was inspired to create a company that not only provides tech-enabled customer support for today’s fastest growing North American e-commerce businesses, but also one which creates opportunities locally & gives back to his native community.

About Horatio:

Horatio is the insider’s brand for consistent and out of the box personalized CX  support, increasing customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and revenue.

Horatio provides first-hand and personalized omnichannel customer support through our team of highly-skilled agents. Our team will optimize everything from integrating the latest CX technologies to improving workflows and monitoring customer satisfaction scores for your brand.


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