The Yes Is Building the Best Shopping Experience in Fashion

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I love stories of disruption. Especially when it involves a vision as bold as Julie Bornstein’s. Julie is reinventing e-commerce with the new fashion brand, The Yes, boldly creating the the most radically personal shopping experience in fashion.

Julie shares that getting to “yes” and making the customer happy is a deeply held belief that drives their Radically Personal approach to customer service.  “The customer is always right, and the answer is always ‘yes.’”

As physical stores have shuttered due to the pandemic, consumers are turning to e-commerce. And The Yes aims to help each customer have that same personal, in-store experience delivered in the palm of your hand. We’re proud to be their partner in this journey, and it was awesome to have Julie sit down with me for the latest episode of Radically Personal, a podcast from Gladly.

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Julie has had a powerhouse career at iconic brands like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Stitch Fix, and Sephora. In the podcast, she shares how those experiences helped her recognize e-commerce’s untapped personalization potential—and inspired her and her team to build The Yes to deliver on a radically personal shopping experience at scale. The use of AI and machine learning makes the brand disruptive, but it’s Julie’s focus on the customer that makes it special.

Julie believes that if you put the customer first, you always win—even if things don’t go smoothly. How? Because at least your heart is in the right place and the customer can see that you’re going to make it right.

The Yes is building a support team that shares in Julie’s beliefs. “I don’t really want our agents over time having rules. I want them to have the tools to do whatever is right for the customer.”  I’m a huge fan of her philosophy to empower agents with tools instead of rules. She talks about hiring critical thinkers with a flexible mindset who can listen to the customer and solve problems.  And I couldn’t agree more.  Great companies are built by great people.

Best of luck to Julie and the team at The Yes as they work towards reinventing the shopping experience.

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