The Importance of Abandoned Cart Emails

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What’s happening? You’ve put in time, money, and lots of work to drive traffic to your website. You’ve got great products, winning design, and social media marketing to die for. So where are your customers? Where’s the revenue? The answer may just be: the sinkhole that is the abandoned ecommerce shopping cart.

Ecommerce businesses are losing a combined average of $18 million every year to abandoned carts. Gasp! That’s enough revenue loss to make even Jeff Bezos blush. Online retailers are caught in the midst of an epidemic of lonely carts that never made it to check out. And one simple yet elegant solution is the implementation of an abandoned cart email.

Even if your bottom line is healthy and the orders keep coming in, you could be missing out on a significant number of purchases. There are more people putting items in their carts that initially meet the eye, and a quick message to your sneaky shoppers can be just the reminder they need to return and complete their order. We are here to break down the importance of this conversion optimization technique and show you how it’s done.

How to 10X Your Customer Service Email Strategy

What are abandoned cart emails?

Shoppers may add items to their cart, change their minds, and then leave an online store before first emptying their bag. Abandoned cart emails are automated messages sent to customers who exit a website without making a purchase or “reshelving” their items.

Abandoned cart emails work to draw customers back to the site, encouraging them to complete the purchase they were already on the brink of making. They typically include a friendly message, as well as images or descriptions of the items left in the cart (just for good measure!)

Why are abandoned cart reminders important?

Abandoned carts represent remarkable revenue loss for any given online retail business (see section one!) And an abandoned cart reminder is the ideal conversion optimization technique to mitigate these potential losses.

An estimated 75% of lapsed buyers intend to return to their carts, and it is crucial to reach out and draw them back in while your store and products are fresh in their minds. Shopping and leaving something in your cart expresses a definite interest in buying an item, even if that purchase is not completed. We’ve even heard of people sticking things in their carts and waiting for when payday rolls around. Whatever the reason, a full shopping cart left in your virtual aisles represents potential profit, and should be pursued. Sending reminders to gently nudge the potential customer has the power to  recuperate potential lost revenue from buyers.

Revenue issues aside, cart abandonment emails have the power to help you improve customer experience and relationships. Personalized customer service can be the difference between night and day when it comes to ongoing customer interactions. And finding out why your customers left their carts in the first place may represent step 1 in building a closer connection with your buyers. Plus, if done right, it can let your consumers know you care about them.

Finally, it provides you with yet another opportunity to express your brand and mission to shoppers, helping you to stick further in the minds of your audience.

How and when to send an abandonment message.

You shouldn’t just let the cart sit empty and hope customer-charming will return one day. But retailers should also be mindful of the volume of reminder emails they’re sending, as too many can begin to feel spammy and might scare your buyers away. As with most things in the world of life and commerce, the key is balance, and a tactical approach.

In order to send a cart abandonment email in the first place, you need your customer’s email. This can be done by requiring that they set up an account with your store even before they begin adding items to their cart. Additionally, you can grab them the moment they click onto your site by offering them special deals, or encouraging buyers to sign up for your weekly newsletter.

Best practice of abandoned-cart-email-timing dictates that businesses send 2 to 3 emails once a customer quits on their cart. The first email should be sent as soon as the customer exits your store. It might ask customers why they left, and remind them of the fabulous products waiting for them in their cart. Studies found that sending email 1 within the first 20 minutes after cart abandonment preceded a 5.2% conversion rate. Those sent within the first hour generate 4.5%.

Email number 2 should be sent 1 to 3 days after abandonment, and will reiterate the message of the first email, but may also more earnestly ask the customer to return. Number three should be sent 4-7 days after abandonment, and warn customers to act fast: the contents of their carts are about to be reshelved. One way to tempt customers back to your shop is by offering coupon codes or other special offers alongside your third email.

Examples of Abandoned Cart Emails

Don’t know what to say? Here are a few example emails that are sure to turn the heads of your wandering buyers.

Abandon Cart Email #1

Subject: Where’d you go?

Hi Sally Shopper!

Looks like you left something in  your cart! We know you loved our:

  • Fuzzy Bunny Slippers x1
  • Frog Prince Bath Bomb x2
  • Spa Sounds Number 5 x1

Sounds like fun! Are you ready to make your purchase? Click here to return to our website and complete your order.

Have a great day!

From all of us at Just Femme Things

Abandon Cart Email #2

Subject: We miss you!

Hey there Sally!

You deserve to treat yourself. Don’t be shy! As a reminder, you’ve still got some fabulous products waiting for you in your cart:

  • Fuzzy Bunny Slippers x1
  • Frog Prince Bath Bomb x2
  • Spa Sounds Number 5 x1

Click here to complete your purchase, or let us know if we can help you complete your order.

Keep Calm and Carry On

From all of us at Just Femme Things

Abandon Cart Email #3

Subject: Last chance!

Hi Sally!

We’re reaching out from Just Femme Things to let you know that some of the items in your cart are almost sold out! And we’re here to help make sure you have the kind of day you deserve. As a reminder, the items still in your cart include:

  • Fuzzy Bunny Slippers x1
  • Frog Prince Bath Bomb x2
  • Spa Sounds Number 5 x1

Are you ready to make your purchase? Click here to complete your order, and use code FEMTHINGZ for 10% off your order. It’s on us!

Have a beautiful day 🙂

From all of us at Just Femme Things

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