A Tale of Radically Personal Service

Gladly Team

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Every day customer service heroes work hard to deliver radically personal service to customers —where customers feel known, valued, and experience service that feels effortless.

This is the story of one such customer, Michael. And his customer service hero, Stephanie.

Meet Michael.

Michael’s 10th year wedding anniversary is coming up in less than a week (yay!)
But he’s just found out that his wife bought the same pair of earrings he’d been planning to surprise her with. That means he needs to get a new gift—and fast.

“Can I get it yesterday?”

Michael calls the customer support line of Baubles, the store he bought his wife’s earrings from, to see what his options are for a rush delivery.

Meet customer service hero Stephanie.

Stephanie is a customer service hero working at Baubles, always at the ready to help their customers the best she can.

“Hey Michael, how are you doing?”

When Stephanie picks up Michael’s call, she’s automatically presented with all of his key details on her screen.

That means Stephanie can greet Michael by name —without having to ask for it. Which is a pleasant surprise for Michael.

“Are you calling about the Carrera earrings?”

Better than that, Michael doesn’t have to dig through his emails to find his last order number.

Along with Michael’s name, Stephanie is also presented with details of his last purchases too.

That means Michael can rest easy. And Stephanie can get straight to the task at hand: helping Michael find a new gift for his wife.

“What about a matching set?”

Stephanie realizes there are a number of bracelets and rings that would go perfectly with the earrings Michael had bought for his wife.

She quickly texts over links and images of those pieces for him to choose between.

It’s all about the relationship.

With Michael settled on a matching bracelet, Stephanie goes ahead and processes the order for him.

While she’s at it, she throws in a little surprise: a free gift wrap and voucher for their next purchase—a small gesture to celebrate their anniversary.

She also makes a note in Michael’s customer profile (and in his wife’s profile too) of their anniversary date. That way other agents can make use of this information in the future.

Now there’s just no other choice.

Opening the package from Baubles, Michael is touched to see the new bracelet beautifully wrapped already. And the accompanying gift voucher is a happy surprise too.

So when it comes time again for some Valentine’s Day shopping, Michael doesn’t think twice and heads straight to Baubles’ website.

After all, he knows that if things go wrong (as they will from time to time) Baubles has his back.

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