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New Guide for Customer Service: How to Exceed Expectations of the Modern Consumer

We now live in a world where we are lucky enough to have many options for almost anything we purchase, every day. On our way to work, we pass a half dozen different coffee chains before settling on one. We can even tap our phone and get one of the many apps available to deliver coffee to our desk.

With so many options available, what drives the decision making process for consumers? And, what helps set companies apart in a marketplace crowded with similar products?

The answer – a great customer service experience.

Consumers today want to find brands that understand their unique needs and offer them a stellar customer experience. In fact, recent research shows that 67% of consumers cite bad experiences as reason for agitation.

Unfortunately, when a brand’s customer service experience hinders the customer’s ability to get the best experience, they’ll seek out a brand with a similar product and better experience. So how do brands ensure they’re exceeding their customer’s expectations?

To help customer service teams navigate the expectations of the modern consumer, we’ve tapped into the minds of 5 seasoned experts to uncover insights into how brands can better position their customer service efforts to deliver outstanding customer experiences. For full access to the guide, you can download it here: How to Exceed Expectations of the Modern Consumer.

Featuring Top Customer Service Experts


Shep Hyken
Customer Service & Experience Expert, New York Times Best-Selling Author


Jay Baer
NY Times Best-Selling Author & President of Convince & Convert


Dan Gingiss
Author, Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brand create Engaging Experiences on Social Media


Jenny Dempsey
Customer Care Manager,


Mike McCarron
VP of Customer Success at Gladly


Sneak Preview: How to Exceed Expectations of the Modern Consumer

Get practical advice for Customer Service

With a competitive marketplace and a consumer base that is making an array of decisions each day, brands need to prioritize customer service and ensure that they’re offering their customers the best possible experience. By failing to exceed customer expectations, brands are making themselves vulnerable to losing business.

Ready to learn more about the next generation of customer service? Download the guide today.

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