How To Better Understand Customer Cues

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What motivates customers? How do customers decide whether to make a one-time purchase or long-term subscription? Why do some customers wait for seasonal deals and specials while others will go into debt to make a purchase right now?

Understanding the psychology of how customers think and evaluate their purchasing decision is important not just to designing products or driving revenue, but also for building long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Below, we’ll get into how to better understand customer cues and build lasting relationships with your customers.

How customers make decisions

Understanding how customers think and make decisions goes beyond creating attractive products and eliciting one-time purchases.

From how customers hear about your brand to their first customer service interaction, every step of the customer life cycle plays a role in what kind of relationship they will form with your organization.

  • Positive interactions lead to positive sales – How you interact with customers can change the ways they value you as a business. In fact, more than 85% of customers told Gladly that they would be willing to spend more money after a positive customer service or sales experience. Positivity, personalization, and human connections add value for customers and lead to greater revenue.
  • Personalized service matters – Customers don’t want to feel like just another ticket anymore. 79% of customers value personalized service over marketing, and they expect to be seen and treated as a human when communicating with your organization.
  • Adding value to purchases – Customers care about value. They will almost always base their shopping decisions on what they think will add the most value to their purchase. The best way to maximize on adding value to purchases? Make them exclusive. By curating a deal or sale to a specific customer, you’re providing them with a unique and exclusive offer that adds value to them alone.
  • Customers like options – Whether you’re switching between different communication channels or providing a few ways to package a deal, customers like options.
  • Building trust – In your branding, in your direct communications, in your support strategies, and in your sales pitches, effective communication is key to building trust. Always maintain a positive tone, and use words like “certain,” “trusted,” and “guaranteed” to build reassurance.

There are several ways to gauge how customers think and how they will behave. By offering personal, value-based service and sales options, you’re creating the best environment from which customers can feel valued and see value in your business.

Playing to customer cues

Playing to customer cues is very different when you’re face-to-face with customers than when you’re communicating with them online or creating sales strategies to improve their experience.

If you’re going to pick up on and cater to your customer’s needs, you have to understand their cues and adjust your business model based on what you find. You can do this by paying attention to what customers are buying, how they’re choosing to communicate, and through customer feedback resources, like surveys.

You can use your data and knowledge on customer-decisions and customer demographics in order to:

  • Adjust prices based off previous buying patterns
  • Adjust products and services based on customer feedback
  • Bolster certain seasonal strategies to fit buting patterns
  • Build your branding strategy
  • Create new marketing strategies
  • Decide if you need more of a social media or online presence
  • Meet customers at the communication channels that they prefer

By better understanding how your customers like to shop, communicate, browse the web, and make decisions, you can start playing to customer cues and fine-tuning your business and customer service strategies.

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