How Good is Your Customer Service Quiz?

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At Gladly, we believe that customer service is at its best when it has a personal touch. Our entire platform is founded on a customer-centered approach that places the people at the center of the customer service experience.

We believe in this model because we feel that customers, and agents, shouldn’t have to feel like tickets or numbers in order to get what they want.

Knowing whether or not your customer agents are prepared to take on a customer-centered mindset is paramount to radically personalizing the way you do customer service. One way to determine if your service representatives are knowledgeable, personable, and ready to view customers as people, not tickets, is to provide a quality customer service quiz.

Below is everything you need to know about creating a customer service quiz and assessing how good your customer service quiz is today.

Benefits of a customer service quiz

Customer service quizzes are necessary to determine whether or not your agents are well-informed and have the right mindset for a customer-centered approach.

Providing a customer service quiz to your agents will:

  • Provide a fun, interactive form of training that instills the kind of values you want your agents to have
  • Seamlessly assess how informed your agents are on customer service best practices and general approaches
  • Give insight into how well you’ve prepared your agents to attain the goals you’ve set out for them
  • Allow you to gauge how agents are adopting a personalized customer service mindset
  • Provide you with tangible numbers (quiz results) that are easy to analyze and scale
  • Create a training regiment that you can easily alter in the future and continue to implement in order to maintain standards with your agents

There are a number of reasons to utilize a customer service quiz, and below we’ll go into how to create a quality quiz.

Customer service quality quiz example

Creating a quiz with a scale is going to optimize your results because it provides space for nuance. True/false questions are limiting because they don’t create ranges for knowledge bases and allow for misleading results if quiz-takers happen to be guessing.

Numbered scales are opinion based and offer you a response range that you can easily analyze and learn from.

We recommend a quiz with a 1-5 scale that looks something like this:

  • Strongly Agree = 5
  • Agree= 4
  • Neither Agree Nor Disagree = 3
  • Disagree = 2
  • Strongly Disagree = 1

Below are some questions to start as the foundation for your customer service quiz. Remember, depending on your needs and the results you’re looking for, you can change these questions at any time.

  1.  We monitor customer opinion across several platforms, including emails,  social media, and surveys.
  2. Solving customer issues brings us joy.
  3. We try to anticipate and solve customer-related issues before they become a problem.
  4. I feel empowered to solve issues and provide a great customer service experience.
  5. I rely on detailed scripts when communicating with customers.
  6. We closely consider customer feedback to make improvements and always share feedback with other departments.
  7. Customer relationships play a big part in how customers view our organization.
  8. Our team needs more people and systems in order to handle the demand and solve the problems we face.
  9. The organization we work for understands and values our contribution to the business.
  10.  Our customer service representatives have valuable training for dealing with pressure.
  11.  We don’t shy away from asking customers what they think about our service quality.
  12.  I often get in disputes with other teams and departments when they let our customers down.
  13.  It’s important for me to make sure that we meet minimum customer service standards before moving on to improving other aspects of our department.
  14.  Our service representatives genuinely care for our customers and their happiness.
  15.  Our customer service representatives work with members from other departments so that we can receive the best training.
  16.  Our main priority as a service team is selling.
  17.  Representing our organization makes me and my team members proud.

You can add up the points and see how your customer service representatives did either as a whole or on an individual basis.

After tallying up the score, the point system can indicate the following:

  • 17-39 – A need to spend more time on fallout than innovating
  • 40-62 – Doing some things right but need small changes in specific areas
  • 63-85 – Things are looking great!

Personalize with Gladly

The customer service quiz is all about assessing how prepared your agents are and how effectively you’re creating a positive, human-centered environment. If your agents don’t have a sense of self-efficacy or feel valued, then it will be hard to expect them to impart those qualities to their customers.

Gladly has found a way to create a platform that optimizes efficiency and streamlines customer service steps without taking away that valuable human touch. Our robust solution will make your agents and customers feel like people, not tickets.

Allow your agents to connect with customers, understand their problems, and stay one step ahead of the game with Gladly today.