FAQ Template — How to Write One and Why It’s Important

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When starting your business, it’s essential that you factor customer questions and communications into your planning and that you maintain a solid understanding of some of the most common questions customers may have about your business. Enter the FAQ template.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through an FAQ template with universal application, so you can fill it with information relevant to your company, and get back to selling your business.

What Is the Purpose of an FAQ Page?

The FAQ, or the Frequently Asked Questions landing page, is step number one in a customer’s self-service journey, and can set the tone for a consumer experience. The FAQ format is important — more than just a Q&A page, your FAQs allow you to demonstrate your brand voice, show off your expertise and creativity, and deepen the relationship you have with your buyers.

Furthermore, an excellent FAQ page can contribute to your website’s organic traffic. Visits to your FAQ landing page could count as critical touchpoints in the conversion funnel because when a visitor lands on the FAQ page, they want to learn more about your product or service.

What Should an FAQ Page Include?

The FAQ format is straightforward — it should include your customers’ most asked questions, written from the point of view of your customer.

Some pro tips to keep in mind when writing your FAQ page:

  • Look at your competitors’ FAQ landing pages. Chances are, their customers are asking similar questions to yours
  • Make your FAQ page easy to find so that you can reduce the volume of customer service calls
  • Don’t half-answer questions or link out to other pages. Answer questions thoroughly, but keep the copy on the short side
  • If there’s a “yes” or “no” question, start the answer with a “yes” or “no”
  • Use Google to search for commonly asked questions around your industry to cover a broad base of potential questions
  • Use FAQ templates if you’re not sure where to start (scroll down to check out our FAQ template)

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your flavor of business and the products you sell, your FAQs will of course be different. It’s up to you to determine what the critical questions being asked by your unique customers are. Whatever content you populate your FAQ with, make sure the language and style is congruent with your brand personality. Who said FAQs had to be boring?

Do you ship internationally?

The question on everyone’s lips, especially as ecommerce takes the monopoly on global retail practices. This is not a “yes” or “no” question (unless the answer is “yes,” in which case, declare it with enthusiasm) If the answer is no, take a paragraph or two to detail the complexities of your shipping abilities and policies, and clue in your customers to any plans you have to expand your reach in the future.

What is your return policy?

You probably have this detailed in a special location somewhere else on your website. But this is likely the most frequently asked question in any retail situation, online or brick-and-mortar — so onto the FAQ page it goes. You should include a sentence or two about your policy, and conclude with, “Click here to learn more about our full return and exchange policy.”

Where is your size chart?

You can either provide a click-through link to your dedicated size chart page (assuming your product has sizes) or you can give an abridged version right in the FAQs. Consider including a basic list of the sizes you carry, a convenient measurements-conversion chart, or a few photos demonstrating how customers can take their own body measurements.

Why do I need your product?

It gets asked more than you think. And what a wonderful opportunity to explain to your audience what’s so amazing about the work you do. Do you make skin care products for bald men? Tell them why caring for your bare scalp is so important. Do you run a sock subscription that donates a pair to homeless charities every time a set is sold? Tell them how their money buys more than just your merch. Get creative and let them know exactly why your products are essential.

I have a question not on this list.

Sometimes if a customer fails to find the right answer it might be an issue of visibility. If your FAQ is chock-full of answers to your audience’s most pressing questions, you should implement a search feature that makes it easier to find the right As. Under this FAQ you should also include a link to your easy-to-use contact feature so that your customers can get to the bottom of whatever niche and unusual question they might have. On your end, pay attention to these contacts. Frequently asked question pages should always be kept fresh, and it’s your responsibility to make sure that new and emerging FAQs are added to the list.

Why Our Frequently Asked Questions Template Works

We strive to make customer service personal for the consumers, and intuitive for businesses. And that includes your FAQ pages. Our free FAQ template is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of navigation so that updating on your end will be fast and easy, and customers will always feel their needs are being met.

This FAQ template also strives to increase engagement with other aspects of your store. It enables you to answer questions and redirect to product pages, blog posts, branded landing pages, business profile and history pages, etc., so you can educate and entice your customers even while in self-help mode.

Our frequently asked questions template helps you do more than just answer customer questions. It provides a dynamic base that allows you to keep your customers up-to-date, connect them to relevant content elsewhere on your site, promote your brand, and build better relationships with your customers. Every FAQ you include can be leveraged to show off another aspect of your business, increase trust and interest, and invite feedback so that your company can better serve its customers.

The Free FAQ Template

Check out the FAQ format below for inspiration on how to structure your FAQ landing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search for your question: (insert search engine bar here)

Questions by Category


  • How does it work?
  • Who is it for?
  • Why do I need one?
  • My item broke. What do I do?
  • Etc.

Shipping & Returns

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • How can I exchange an item?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Etc.

Contact Us

  • How can I contact your marketing department?
  • How can I contact your sales department?
  • How can I contact your customer service representatives?
  • I have a question not on this list, who do I talk to?
  • Etc.

Placing and Order

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • How do I redeem a gift card or promotional code?
  • Etc.

General Questions

  • Do you have any retail locations?
  • Where can I follow you on social media?
  • Where is your sizing chart?
  • Etc.

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