Customer Spotlight with Zeus Living

Maria Spanicciati

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Gladly

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6 minute read

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Providing Next-level Care for Every Resident

For hospitality brands, making customers feel at home is at the heart of their business, but achieving this requires a scalable strategy to provide personalized, speedy service. Zeus Living offers beautiful, flexible and fully furnished homes for long-term stays with the promise to make it easy to live well—whenever and wherever you want. To Zeus, hospitality is about more than just good service—it’s about putting people at the center of everything they do to make their residents happy and at home. 

A Holistic View of Residents

When it comes time to provide customer service, Zeus Living is keenly aware of how much trust people are putting in them and continuously provides the utmost care, support, and comfort for their residents. With Gladly’s ability to pull in rich resident data—like if a resident’s spouse called on their behalf and all previous conversations—Zeus Living can provide the level of service they strive for. 

According to Liz Master, Director of Customer Success, what stood out to her was “…the fact that you can have all your calls, emails, and text messages appear in not just one platform, but one individual conversation history with an individual resident, so that customer view is just starkly different than anything else we considered.” 

For example, if you shared a home with a roommate, and one of you called about an issue with the refrigerator, Gladly can recognize different relationships within a single reservation, and connect people and interactions to one place, making it incredibly easy on the support associates to provide exceptional levels of service. 

Increasing Efficiency & Productivity

Prior to Gladly, associates would pull open requests from a shared inbox, which would cause an uneven distribution of work between the teams and so by being able to route residents to agents allows them to hit their SLAs more effectively and increase team accountability. 

In addition, it’s been much easier for them to deep dive into a conversation history when they do run into a complicated situation, which allows them to better resolve that challenging issue—insight that they just didn’t have before. 

And finally, Zeus has seen an increase in agent productivity as agents now can tackle requests from a single resident as opposed to tackling separate tasks for them individually. 

By switching to a service that aligns with their mission of putting people at the center of everything they do, Zeus Living can provide next-level care and support to their residents. 

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