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With the addition of Shopify Plus, Shopify has quickly become one of the leading ecommerce platforms for small and mid-sized businesses as well as enterprise-level companies. The ability to scale, integrate your third-party and APIs, and customize various aspects of your website have all contributed to Shopify Plus’s success.

One of the things businesses love most about Shopify is the archive of Shopify themes. Selecting a Shopify theme for your website is one of the first tasks in completing your online business. This acts as an outline for your website, and it provides the particular aesthetic you’d like to build your brand around.

With Shopify Plus, you’ll have full access to the Shopify Library, but unlike the original Shopify platform, Plus will allow you to customize, code, and personalize your themes and checkout page experience.

Before getting into some of the best Shopify Plus themes out there, let’s discuss some of the key differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus themes.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus Themes

  • Launch Manager: With Shopify Plus, you’ll have access to Launch Manager. Launch Manager is responsible for making custom edits to your themes and writing code for you. Not only will this save you the time of having to write the code yourself, it’s also going to save you money if you have to rely on outsourcing to a web engineer.
  • Script Editor: Unavailable to regular Shopify users, Script Editor will allow you to customize and manage your checkout page experience. By utilizing the Line scripts, Shipping scripts, and Payment scripts, you’ll be able to run promotions in the checkout page, alter discounts for specific services or products, and alter your shipping options.
  • Themes: When it comes to the actual Themes, both Shopify and Shopify Plus offer more than 60 themes. While you can customize and manage these themes more through Shopify Plus, you’re getting a good number of theme options either way.

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List of Best Shopify Plus Themes

With all the themes offered in the Shopify Plus library, it may be hard deciding where to start. Each theme provides a different layout, aesthetic, mood, and design to work with. Below are just some of our favorite Shopify Plus themes and what they can do for your brand. 

  • Gecko: Released in 2018, Gecko has seen its latest update in January 2021. The theme has a strong rating of 4.9 out of 5 and continues to be one of the most popular displays on Shopify Plus. Gecko is bright, inviting, and gives you several options and layouts to play around with.
  • FLOW: In life, in business, and, yes, in theme design, sometimes less is more. FLOW puts that sentiment to use by offering a sleek and simple design that gives your products the space to shine. Great for clothing, cosmetics, or house appliances, FLOW comes with three different styles that all place your product at the center of the shopping experience.
  • Lezada: Lezada is a creative, multi-faceted Spotify Plus theme that prides itself on its multipurpose use. With more than 200 homepage options, Lezada provides Shopify Plus users with the ability to mix and match their layouts to best fit their brand.
  • Marvo: With dozens of demos, shop page layouts, product page layouts, and more, Marvo does a great job of providing its Shopify users with plenty of design options and layouts to match their products. Marvo’s fun, multi-block layouts will give a youthful and energetic look to any Shopify Plus page.
  • Boundless: Boundless provides a sleek and minimal design that places photographs at the center of the shopping experience. Great for clothing and fashion, boundless allows for edge-to-edge photos to take the center stage, as well as providing a slew of visual options like galleries, home page videos, and more.
  • Basel: Basel is one of the clear all-in-one theme designs that can be used for pretty much any kind of business. Highly customizable, Basel provides users with a Drag & Drop page builder, several theme setup options, and several compatible app ranges.

Final Thoughts: Best Shopify Plus Themes

While these are just a few of our favorite Shopify Plus themes, keep in mind that there are dozens of other themes out there that will be the perfect fit for your ecommerce platform.

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