Best Shopify Apps and Integrations

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What’s better than hiring a web designer to give you the online ecommerce platform of your dreams? Using Shopify, of course!

Shopify is a comprehensive ecommerce platform designed to support businesses of all sizes, at every stage of their development. Online retailers everywhere are choosing Shopify for its accessibility, user friendliness, and ability to become whatever you need it to be for your business.

Basic Shopify comes with everything you need for an attractive and fully functional online store. Additionally, however, hundreds of apps and integrations provided through the Shopify App store as well as many third-party developers enable end-users to truly customize their Shopify websites, and make it uniquely theirs.

From live chat and customer support apps to high-end design themes, here are some of our favorite Shopify apps and integrations.


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Best Shopify Apps

  • Kit

    The ultimate digital marketing solution for Shopify. The Kit app can help you run a variety of campaigns to bring traffic to your Shopify store. Facebook ads, email campaigns, performance updates, and even targeted Facebook and Instagram messages are all possible with this AI powered tool.

  • OptiMonk

    It is a conversion optimization tool trusted by thousands of Shopify stores. It helps you to delight your visitors and personalize their experiences while growing your sales.  You can launch popups, sidemessages, and sticky bars in minutes, without coding. Whether you want to grow your email list, recover abandoned carts, upsell products with personalized recommendations, or promote special offers, OptiMonk makes it easy.

  • Gladly

    The only customer service and live chat integration you’ll ever need. (Is our bias showing? Well it’s true.) This customer service software allows critical information like customer history and lifetime value to be pulled from Shopify when you need it so that you can answer customer inquiries quickly and easily. Gladly makes customer service personal, and Shopify agents working through Gladly will be able to deliver a winning customer service experience.

  • LoyaltyLion

    Customer retention continues to be a top priority for ecommerce businesses everywhere. And for Shopify users, LoyaltyLion is here to help. This loyalty program provides fun, interactive ways for your customers to earn rewards through patronage to your website. Social media referrals, likes, etc. earn your customers points which they can then redeem at your store — ultimately increasing your revenue, and earning you loyal customers for life

  • Buy Button Channel

    Think of it like a rubber stamp for your Shopify store. Buy Button Channel allows you to put, well, ‘buy’ buttons literally anywhere. You can customize their color, messaging, and include custom checkout links that make it oh-so-easy for customers to buy your wares. No need to edit any code, just put the buttons where you want them, and publish.

  • Instafeed

    This integration allows you to elegantly and automatically populate your Shopify with content from your professional instagram account. Not only does instafeed keep your store fresh and interesting, but it helps to boost traffic to both your Instagram AND your Shopify store by linking the two and making them mutually discoverable.

  • Wishlist Plus

    Mobile user-optimized, Wishlist allows your shoppers to save favorites without logging in. What better way to create and maintain new customer loyalty than by making it this easy to remember what they love at your store? Based on Wishlist activity, you can even send out personalized marketing campaigns to bring customers back, again and again.

  • Spocket

    – A dropshipping marketplace that allows you to send hundreds of thousands of products from 20,000+ suppliers in both the US and the EU. Enjoy one-click order fulfillment, flat-rate shipping, real-time order tracking, and built-in Sprocket customer support.

  • Order Printer

    This app allows you to print invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, etc., etc. in bulk for careful and attentive order documentation. With Order Printer, you can customize templates for all your documents to give all paper accompaniments a personal and on-brand touch. If you don’t have experience with HTML or Liquid — which you will need for custom docs — a Shopify design specialist can help you get it done.

  • PushOwl

    Did you know that 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned? We shudder to think of all the missed revenue ecommerce retailers are experiencing due to this unfortunate fact. PushOwl keeps you in the know with automated abandoned cart push notifications — allowing you to reclaim your stagnant inventory and re-engage your wandering shoppers.

  • Compass

    Data analytics are not just for major corporations anymore. Compass helps small businesses on Shopify analyze important data points with more than 30 ecommerce metrics implemented to keep you aware and in control of the performance of your Shopify site. You can then compare your results to those of your competition to see how you compare.

  • Bulk Image Edit

    You’ve probably thought about your text-based SEO, but have you thought about image search optimization? A surprising amount of customer-business connections are made through image browsing through Google and other major search engines. Bulk Image Edit helps your product photos work for you by making image size and tag adjustment easy.

  • Infinite Options

    One complaint users have about standard Shopify is that it has a hard limit of 3 product options per item. Infinite Options is here to mitigate this particular pain point by allowing users to add as many options as you like — your customers can choose everything from simple color to elaborate monograms, making for an extra-personal buying experience.

Last Word: Best Shopify Apps and Integrations

Shopify is quickly becoming the most popular online retail platform for independent businesses across the globe. And it should be! Shopify and the Shopify App Store make it easy to design the retail website of your dreams, with just a few clicks.

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