Flawless Customer Service: 3 Training Tips for Success

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High-growth ecommerce brands know how vital it is to find and acquire top talent, especially for shopper-facing support teams. Not only do these individuals tackle customer queries on a daily basis, but they also act as valuable revenue drivers for businesses.

Of course, this process starts with interviewing and hiring the best candidates, but that’s not enough on its own. Businesses must train their support teams to cultivate unforgettable experiences which develop trust and build customer loyalty.

Below, Gladly shares three training tips for flawless customer service. Is your support team ready to level up from being reactive to proactive, and become business value drivers? Here’s where to start.

Tip 1: Screen for the Best of the Best

Training doesn’t necessarily start when new agents are onboarded. When searching for the next crop of champions for your ecommerce brand, it’s essential to screen candidates for the skills and potential that will make them an asset and potential future leaders in your company.

The traditional customer service interview process doesn’t always reveal which candidates are best suited for a customer service role. The best tactic is to tap into their approach to service during this screening process. Rather than asking them to recall times they solved issues in the past, take them through a real-life situation and see how they’d handle it in practice. The candidates who show a conversational approach and react with empathy are the ones who are prepared to work toward goals of radical personalization and create loyalty-building touchpoint.

Similar to acting as a brand ambassador, the ideal candidate will naturally think about fostering relationships. While cultivating personalized conversations can certainly be covered during training to some extent, those eager to go beyond training scripts are much more naturally inclined to help you reach your company’s revenue generation and long-term growth goals.

Pro tip: When screening candidates, take them through a few tiers of customer issues, ranging from simple to complex. Even if candidates have not handled the exact scenarios, seeing them work through potential solutions in real time will give you a good idea of how they’ll perform on the fly.

Tip 2: Meet Your First Line of (Brand) Defense

Start at the very beginning and ask yourself: How do you describe your customer service team’s mission or purpose? Is their main focus resolving customer problems, or does it go beyond that?

Your service agents often provide the first personal interaction a customer will have with your brand. They are, in essence, your brand ambassadors—and you should train them accordingly! Yes, they should be versed in your products inside and out, but not just to fix small problems.

Every new support team member you onboard can help bolster the quality of your ecommerce customer experience. These teammates act as an extension of your brand to drive retention and create a loyal customer base. The more you can instill the values of both your commitment to service and superior products from day one, the more your support staff will pass that on to customers.

Customer support promotes personal service that makes every shopper feel like they’re being taken care of individually, rather than treated like a number on a list. (This is why ticketed systems inherently fail support teams by limiting personalization and preventing deeper, more valuable conversations.)

Pro tip: When training new support team members, show them examples of how other agents have brought your brand values to life. Look for times your team members demonstrated patience, attention to detail, or gone above and beyond, and highlight those examples.

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Tip 3: Use Tools That Unleash, Not Limit, Your Team

Craftsmen are only as good as their tools, and for service agents, that translates to having a customer service platform that provides an expansive toolkit for helping customers. It’s certainly possible to train anyone on how to use any platform. But the best support technology enables and empowers agents to accomplish more rather than challenge or frustrate them. Brands need to rethink how their software allows service teams to work.

A service platform like Gladly provides a single view for all actions so new hires can respond and apply their skills quickly. Agents can provide radical personalization with access to a knowledge base of customers and products, and consistent conversation timelines that provide a long-term picture of a shopper’s relationship with your brand. At an introductory level, these tools help agents adapt to your system and understand your customer base to drive greater long-term relationships that allow for upsell opportunities.

The ecommerce companies that manage to create successful contact centers do so through proper onboarding, carefully selected technology, and a strategic eye for talent, all of which set the foundation for a truly high-quality customer experience.


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