The V Shred Story

Learn how to build a solid CX strategy and strengthen loyalty with your customer base.

About the Webinar

The V Shred Story

Fitness, nutrition, and supplement brand V Shred is starting a movement — with exercise and customer service.

The V Shred team believes that workouts don’t have to be a drag — they should be fun, fast, and effective, and they hold the same belief with their customer service experiences.

Learn from Andy Knosp, VP of Product Marketing at Gladly, and Dee Dee Lawrence, V Shred’s Director of Customer Experience.

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  • How V Shred empowers its customer service agents
  • How V Shred scales its subscription business with Gladly
  • How V Shred creates “raving fans” with their commitment to the community
  • How to get the most out of your CX platform