Why TULA Skincare Switched to Gladly

Learn how TULA is creating emotional connections and becoming a forever brand for customers.

About the Webinar

Why TULA Skincare Switched to Gladly

For brands with highly personal products, such as skincare, the ability to deeply understand who each of your customers are is a must-have.

Not all brands have a one-size-fits-all product approach. And when it comes to skincare, shoppers’ knowledge level runs the spectrum, from total newbie to seasoned expert. In this shopping scenario, support teams need to clearly know who each customer is in a two-second scroll and understand their needs. What do they like? What products are they avoiding? Are they a first-time buyer, or a long-time customer?

Learn from Andy Knosp, VP of Product Marketing at Gladly, and Justin Crosbie, Head of CX at TULA Skincare.

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  • What made them pick Gladly over other customer service platforms
  • How using Gladly allows them to elevate the voices of their customers
  • Learnings from their Gladly onboarding experience
  • Their most-used Gladly features, like Knowledge Base and IVR Transfer
  • How they’ve used Gladly to improve concurrency during peak seasons
  • Their newfound ability for deeper analysis of customer “cohorts”
  • Best practices to get the most out of Gladly