Surviving Business Uncertainty

How building a plan focused on customers and employees can set you up for long-term success.

About the Webinar

Surviving Business Uncertainty

With so much global financial and political instability, business uncertainty may be here to stay. But uncertainty need not be paralyzing; the best companies will have a plan for withstanding any challenges that come their way and a roadmap of where they want to go after the storm subsides.

Learn from Dan Gingiss, Customer Experience Coach & 2x author, and Joe Ciuffo, Director of Product Marketing at Gladly, as they discuss strategies customer service leaders should take to reduce the risk of uncertainty.

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  • Prioritizing and building long-term customer loyalty
  • Accelerating the adoption of digital channels
  • The benefits of investing in self-service
  • Focusing on your employee experience to improve your customer experience
  • Improving efficiency and automating processes as you scale your business