Scaling customer support in a high growth company

Jeanne Bliss shares secrets from the best high-growth companies.

About the Webinar

Scaling customer support in a high growth company

How do you maintain the same high standards of customer support when your 5 customers turn into 5,000?

Jeanne Bliss, Author of “Chief Customer Officer 2.0”, sits down with SnackNation’s Chelsie Lee (SVP, Customer Strategy) and Selina’s Denis Drossart (VP Experience) to discuss how high growth companies can manage and scale their customer support operations.

Working within young companies that have experienced recent exponential growth, Chelsie and Denis understand, firsthand, the challenge of ensuring that even as the number of your customers grow, that the quality of service you provide does not suffer. You won’t want to miss it as they both share lessons learned (and traps to avoid) when growing your support operations.

Watch Today to Learn

  • The necessity of due diligence in vetting support software
  • “Customer, Structure, People and Goals” as a growth assessment structure
  • Cultivating a “Did you know…” approach to unite a C-suite team
  • The impact of soliciting customer feedback in radically unique ways