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Recorded Webinar
Engagement reimagined for modern service

See how Crate&Barrel has reimagined service for the modern customer.

Mike McCarron

VP of Sales,


Kate Showalter

Senior Director of Customer Service,

Crate & Barrel

Salena Scardina

VP of Customer Experience,

Herff Jones

Susanna Hadley

Senior Manager, Frontline,

T-Mobile USA

Re-imagine your customer experience.

In today’s landscape, brands that leverage innovative customer experience solutions are changing the way they communicate with and service their customers. Join us for a panel discussion with Kate Showalter, Senior Director of Customer Service and PMO at Crate and Barrel, and Mike McCarron, VP of Customers at Gladly, on how Crate and Barrel has applied nearly 60 years of customer service experience to re-imagine modern customer engagement for its customers.

Joined by two panelist speakers, Susanna Hadley from T-Mobile and Salena Scardina from Herff Jones, weighing in on their similar experiences.

Watch today to learn

  • How companies can effectively create seamless experiences, across all channels, while maintaining personalized relationships is a critical business and revenue driver.
  • How to re-imagine what the ideal customer engagement can and should look like moving forward.
  • How leveraging modern and seamless technology makes the shopping experience easy and satisfying for customers on all fronts.


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