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Modern ecommerce brands are either already employing or fast adopting a voice of customer strategy to pinpoint customer wants and needs, and turn them into actionable tactics for improving the customer experience, service, and even product development. Brands need to have a deep understanding of their customers, but how do they get inside shoppers’ heads? One VoC strategy is to track customer behavior on brand sites, mobile apps, interaction with paid and organic media, and other forms of first-party data gathering. But the simplest and most direct way to gauge how your customers feel about you is by collecting information directly from the source through a voice of customer questionnaire.

What Is Included in Voice of the Customer?

Voice of customer questionnaires can be broken up into categories that can help brands identify what they’re doing right and wrong in their businesses. This information can also help them understand a bit more about their ideal customer persona, and how they can find ways to surprise and delight this model customer.

Voice of Customer Questionnaire Categories

Here, we’ll look at three categories of voice of customer questionnaires that provide a foundation for building personas and creating more targeted, personalized experiences.

1. Personal information: Contact info and basic brand preference questions that, when aggregated together, indicate the recurring qualities in your typical customer and inform how you can communicate with them more directly.

2. About the experience: Direct feedback on your customer experience itself that both highlights what works and points out roadblocks.

3. Product feedback: Customer opinions on your offerings that not only help with future product development but also give insight into what your customers are coming to your brand for in the first place, and what problems they’re expecting your products to solve.

Use these questions as inspiration or lift them directly from this template to create a voice of customer questionnaire of your own, which will help you start your data-gathering process.

Customer Feedback and Survey Tools

Gathering feedback from customers is essential for understanding their satisfaction levels and identifying areas for improvement. Feedback and survey tools help teams collect customer insights through feedback forms, satisfaction surveys, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. To this end, Gladly integrates with popular survey tools like Medallia and Delighted.

Question Breakdown – Voice of Customer Questionnaire

Personal information

1. We’d love to hear more from you. Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Contact information (email/phone/address):

Be sure not to ask too much of your customers too quickly. Asking for overly personal information too soon can damage customer trust and sabotage the results of your voice of customer questionnaire. Invasive inquiries to steer clear of may include asking about income, marital status, or employment status.

2. What kinds of products or services are you interested in purchasing in the next few months?

3. How often do you shop for X products/services?

4. What are your favorite brands and why?

These questions paint a clearer image of what your customer might want on the surface level. It gives them the opportunity to be direct about what they desire from brands, which can inform how you attract more customers like them in the future.

About the experience

1. Did you

find what you were looking for today?

2. Is there something you were looking for that we didn’t have that you would like to see in the future?

3. Was there anything that got in the way of you completing your purchase?

4. Was your customer service experience satisfactory today?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being perfect and 1 being terrible, how would you rate your satisfaction with the customer experience/service today?

Not only can voice of customer questionnaire results help you to better understand what you can do for your customer, but they can also tell you what you can do behind the scenes to reduce as much friction throughout the journey as possible. Basic questions about the quality and ease of the customer experience, particularly in regard to service, will uncover gaps you might not have learned about otherwise.

Product feedback

1. How did you learn about our company/product/service?

2. Do you feel our products/services helped you accomplish your goals?

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel our products/services have performed to your expectations?

4. Which of the following best describes your feelings toward the product?

a. Very Satisfied
b. Satisfied
c. Indifferent
d. Not Satisfied
e. Very Dissatisfied

Product or service feedback is a chance to get honest responses about whether or not customers find quality in your offerings. It’s also a chance to ask questions in different ways, whether they’re open-ended or multiple-choice, in order to get a better sense of how your customers feel.

Gladly’s support platform is specially designed to turn customer insights into action steps. Gladly also transforms agents into Support Heroes by using customer information to foster deeper relationships.


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