How to Write an RFP For The Modern Customer Support Platform

Gladly Team

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Customer support has come a long way from the 90s when phone and email were king. Today, almost every one of your customers has access to a whole host of channels—from social media to text to in-app chat—in just a few taps on their cellphones.

Yet most customer support platforms in the market today remain built upon decades old foundations that aren’t equipped to handle the new way customers want to communicate today.

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To keep pace with the modern customer, companies need a customer support platform that empowers them to meet their expectations: that includes being on the channels that their customers are on, being able to move seamlessly between them, and being able to personalize a customer’s experience to them (just to name a few).

In the Essential Handbook: Writing The Modern Customer Support Platform RFP, you’ll find the resources you need to guide you in your search for a new platform, including: 

  • What today’s consumers expect when it comes to the customer experience
  • The features your next platform should have to help you deliver on the expectations of today’s modern consumer, and
  • A free RFP template (with sample questions) you can edit and adapt for your next RFP exercise

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