Change Management for Transitioning Support Platforms

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There’s a well-known adage about how “change is the only constant,” and that notion is especially true when it comes to technology. As tech evolves, consumer behavior does too, and many brands are inclined to streamline customer service processes and provide better, more personalized customer experiences. One way they can achieve this is by moving from a traditional ticketing support system to a ticketless support system like Gladly. However, this type of move can be challenging for an organization, particularly for the IT leaders managing their company’s technology infrastructure.

Let’s explore the importance of change management when transitioning from a ticketing support system to a ticketless support system, and highlight some of the challenges that IT leaders may face during the move.

What Is Change Management?

Change management is a structured approach to managing the people side of change within a business or organization. It involves identifying the barriers and resistance to change and developing strategies to address these issues.

The Importance of Change Management

Change management is essential because it helps to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully, with minimal disruption to the company.

When moving to a ticketless support system like Gladly, change management is critical. The transition involves more than just replacing one technology with another — it requires a fundamental shift in how the organization approaches customer service. Employees may resist this change, especially if they are used to the traditional ticketing system. Change management can help address this resistance and ensure that team members are prepared and motivated to transition to the new system.

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Challenges of Change Management for IT Leaders

IT leaders may face several change management challenges when transitioning from a ticketing system to a ticketless support system.

Managing employee resistance to change

If employees have been using the traditional ticketing system for a long time, they may be resistant to the change. IT leaders will need to develop strategies to address this resistance, such as clearly communicating the benefits of the new system and providing ample training and support.

Pro tip: A main driver of employee resistance may be due to a lack of understanding of the new technology’s value. It’s important to communicate the benefits and how it will improve their work and make their lives easier. For example, Gladly doesn’t just help customer service teams provide a better customer experience, it increases customer retention. Gladly also helps maximize agent efficiency and optimizes their workflows, leading to higher career satisfaction and less churn.

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Avoiding disruption and ensuring a smooth transition

Moving to a ticketless support system is a significant change that may require new processes and procedures. IT leaders must ensure the transition is well-planned and well-executed, with minimal organizational disruption.

Pro tip: Communicate regularly with all stakeholders — including employees, customers, and vendors — to keep them informed about the switch and how it may impact them. This can help manage expectations and ease the strain of transition.

Managing data migration

If an organization is transitioning away from a legacy ticketing system, a significant amount of important data will likely need to be migrated to the new system. IT leaders must ensure that this process is managed effectively and that data is transferred securely and accurately.

Pro tip: Changing customer service software is about more than just migrating data. Use this Customer Service Software Migration Checklist to map out your solution capability needs and priorities, compare vendors, and more.

Ensuring system compatibility

The new ticketless support system must integrate with the organization’s existing technology infrastructure, and it’s up to IT leaders to ensure compatibility with other systems and address any potential compatibility issues before the transition.

Fortunately, Gladly has been designed with the specific purpose of enabling a smooth migration from your legacy system. Here is what our customer, TULA had to say.

“The implementation process was suspiciously easy. … I think the biggest thing we had concerns about was transferring all of our historical tickets into Gladly and injecting them into there. But the team was able to figure it out. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. And we were really off to the races with really zero downtime for our customers, even for our phone support.”

Justin Crosbie

Head of CX, TULA

Pro tip: The Gladly team is happy to work with yours to ensure our platform is compatible with your existing systems and provide technical specifications, installation guidance, and more.

Easily Navigate Change Management With Gladly

Moving from a ticketing system to a ticketless support system like Gladly can be a significant change for an organization. However, with the right approach to change management, IT leaders can ensure that the transition is successful.

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