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Staff better than ever

Use customer-centric data to power your WFM solution and make better cross-channel staffing decisions. Track second-by-second activity across messages, tasks, post-call notes, and more all from a single platform.

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Second-by-second visibility

Track each second your agents spend working to resolve customer inquiries to predict future workloads and staff your team with pinpoint accuracy.

Optimize staffing across all channels

Strategically staff your agents across all channels with cross-channel insights that will help you avoid operating above or below capacity.

Support real time adjustments

Monitor agent availability in real time to ensure you are staffed to handle incoming customer requests and manage agent adherence.

"Gladly makes it easy to follow everybody's work and action items. You can verify the work that everyone is doing and coach the team to make things better."
Andres Acosta
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Key Features

Use data from Gladly to make better staffing decisions with second-by-second activity tracking across every channel.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Our out-of-the-box integrations make it easy for you to pull data into WFM solutions like Calabrio, Agyle Time, and more.

Accessible APIs

Pull historical and real-time data into your existing WFM solution.

CSV Data Exports

Download a CSV file of your WFM data with timestamps and event-level data to forecast and staff without a WFM solution.

Staffing and Forecasting Reports

Review the inbound volume and agent activity with reports built to assist managers in improving accuracy when staffing agents.

Historical Data

Pull historical events into your WFM solution for predictive scheduling.

Real-Time Data

Pull real-time events into your WFM solution to handle intraday scheduling and agent adherence.

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