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Selecting the perfect customer support solution is a major undertaking, requiring CX leaders to carefully research and audit all available options. Topping many lists of favorite support platforms are Gladly and Genesys, two innovative options for companies of all sizes. But which one is a better fit for your organization?

Start your research with this walkthrough of their key features, pricing structures, and usability reports. By the end of this technological speed-dating, you’ll have a much clearer idea of who can be the right long-term partner to help grow your business.

Genesys vs. Gladly — An Introduction

Who is Genesys for?

Genesys is a leading service platform with wide-ranging technical capabilities for small businesses, enterprises, and government organizations. With a traditional ticketed system backed by AI and cloud computing CX software, they’re a popular choice for businesses with the financial resources to invest more in developing their support centers.

Who is Gladly for?

Gladly focuses on B2C ecommerce brands, leveraging an innovative conversation-driven system that trounces legacy ticketing models with its simplicity and actionability. Through this streamlined approach, support agents can track and respond to communications with ease, regardless of the original channel. Gladly works with brands on any point of the CX maturity spectrum to devise custom solutions that encompass all channels and easily integrate into existing digital storefronts.

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Comparing Genesys vs. Gladly — Features

Genesys features

Genesys’ robust features allow for autonomy in the support center and customer experience. Their Pointillist software acts as an end-to-end customer journey manager, while they tout their Workplace Engagement Manager (WEM) as a way to create more regulated workspaces that provide pre-programmed incentives through rankings, analytics, and gamification.

Despite their flashiness, these complex features require even more onboarding and agent training than typical platforms. Additionally, despite how it’s advertised, the WEM seems to largely focus more on measuring and driving better employee performance rather than holistically building a positive workplace culture.

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Gladly features

In addition to the revolutionary conversational approach, Gladly offers numerous out-of-the-box features that leverage automation and hyper-personalization simultaneously to deliver a combination of efficiency and quality in the CX.

Our People Match tool rapidly matches the ideal agent to each customer based on their unique situation, history, or personal information. Additionally, our various dashboard and consolidation tools showcase our attention to good user design. With our Knowledge Base, you can easily update brand and product information across your digital presence from a single source of truth, while the Customer Details dashboard consolidates each shopper’s information to create highly detailed profiles that help catalyze concierge-level personalization.


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Comparing Genesys vs. Gladly — Pricing

Genesys pricing

Genesys bases its pricing strategy on the specific channels and tools the customer chooses. For instance, their baseline Cloud CX platform with voice capabilities starts at $75/month. But to access better tools like WEM and the many other channels you’ll need, the price doubles to $150. Other tools like AI and Pointillist come at additional costs as well, making for an a la carte system.

Gladly pricing

Gladly offers all of its tools and technology at each pricing tier, only charging higher prices based on the number of agents. This scalable model helps brands track the costs of their platform in tandem with the maturity of their customer experience organization.

Comparing Genesys vs. Gladly — Usability

Genesys usability

Genesys offers a range of options for tech-savvy brands and IT-led enterprises who want more autonomy in their back-end infrastructure.

Gladly usability

G2 ranked Gladly as the number one option for ease of use in its customer service software category. Additionally, Gladly offers a similar level of technical flexibility for IT and developers thanks to our in-house REST API that allows for greater back-end control of your support infrastructure.

Comparing Genesys vs. Gladly — The Verdict

While Genesys might offer some intriguing features, Gladly goes beyond technical flexibility, making for an accessible platform that benefits brands, agents, and customers. When deciding between Gladly and Genesys, consider the long-term goals of your organization and what’s best for you as a retail brand.


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