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Choosing the right customer service platform for an ecommerce business is no easy task. Brands should make sure the technology they use is capable of handling the various needs of their shoppers, easy to access in order to train their agents, and worth the price. The wrong decision can be problematic to long-term revenue success, as these platforms are instrumental to how brands build customer loyalty.

Two top options many companies consider are Gorgias and Gladly, which are both high-quality, cloud-based service platforms used by thousands of brands around the world. To get a better idea of which one is right for your own brand, let’s explore the two popular platforms’ basic features, functionality, and pricing to see how they might fit your current business model and better support your ability to create a superior customer experience.

What Is Gorgias Customer Service?

Gorgias is an ecommerce customer service management software designed to give support agents a fast and effective way to handle common support issues like order updates, refunds, or subscription modifications. They also have a strong presence on growing support channels like social media, SMS, and live chat with a centralized database to track and store customer information.

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Comparing Gorgias and Gladly — An Introduction

Gladly matches Gorgias’ customer service with multichannel functionality to serve customers while consolidating each interaction regardless of channel into a single-view conversation that’s accessible for every agent. The Gladly approach to personalization is fundamentally different, forgoing ticketed systems that Gorgias and others use to provide a radically personal “conversation-driven” approach. This creates a positive response, as 73% of consumers say they want to be treated like a real person and not just another case number.

Comparing Gorgias and Gladly — Features

Both Gorgias and Gladly offer cloud-based platforms that include strong automated routing features, consolidated knowledge bases, and multichannel communication. Gorgias popularly promotes a chat functionality that connects customers with an intelligent bot that boosts self-service, but Sidekick from Gladly offers similar functionality alongside an even wider set of self-service options.

As mentioned, the difference in fundamental approach (Gorgias using tickets, Gladly using conversations) alters how easily agents engage with customers and develop relationships. Gorgias’ ticketing means that individual actions might be easier on some occasions, but personalization suffers. On the flip side, a conversation-driven approach enhances a sense of personal connection, which companies interested in loyalty might value more than turnover.

G2: The Customers Have Spoken

Reviewers unanimously agreed on Gladly's quality support being superior, while also expressing a clear preference for conducting business with Gladly overall. Check out the full G2 report here.

Comparing Gorgias and Gladly — Pricing

A significant difference between these two popular options comes from their distinct pricing models.

Gorgias pricing

Gorgias offers a cheaper entry point, pricing their Basic plan at $60/for up to 350 tickets (companies can buy 100 more at $25/bundle), along with some limitations to the full set of services, like no onboarding assistance. As the number of tickets and features expands, so do the pricing tiers, which can cost $750/month and beyond for the Advanced and Enterprise levels.

Gladly pricing

With Gladly, pricing is flat and more scalable for companies aiming to mature and grow their support centers. At $150/user/month, the slightly higher entry cost proves its value by offering the entirety of features out of the box with no limit on how many customers can be served. At the same time, this flat rate never changes, no matter the number of agents on the support team, allowing mid-sized and large brands even more cost-friendly flexibility to hire and expand.

Comparing Gorgias and Gladly — The Verdict

Depending on how you value your support center, Gorgias and Gladly are both effective options for ecommerce businesses. The Gladly advantage lies in emphasizing personalization across the customer experience and empowering agents to become Support Heroes during every interaction. As a result, switching from Gorgias to Gladly has shown to decrease your average agent’s workload by 20%, all while saving ecommerce brands money as they scale.


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