The Complete Customer Profile Checklist for Radically Personal Service

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Building a full picture of your customers is essential for creating a personalized experience. Your shoppers want to feel like they’re being treated as individuals with real problems, not as tickets lined up in a support queue. Considering all the tools modern ecommerce brands have at their disposal, there’s no excuse for not auditing and investing in personalization tools that show your customers that you’re committed to giving them high-quality customer experiences.

To start, you’ll need to review your current data collection strategies and the tools you’re using to create new and existing customer personas. Most importantly, you’ll need to make sure you’re asking for the right information from your shoppers. Ideally, this information should include personal details, shopping history, and purchasing preferences.


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Data collection should always be done ethically and transparently. Trust is one of the most important parts of fostering relationships, so anything that involves using customer information has to take into account how that info is provided (ideally freely on behalf of the shopper) and how it’s securely stored and accessed.

Once you’ve collected the right data from customers in a transparent manner, there are plenty of service strategies and revenue-driving opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of. But having a system for organizing this information is paramount. Otherwise, your customer service agents won’t be able to use it properly. Consider setting clear goals even before you begin collecting shoppers’ info, that way you have a plan in place on how you want to analyze the data and ultimately use it to better the customer experience.

Let’s go through Gladly’s essential Customer Profile Checklist below that will help you optimize your customer experience for radically personal service. When done correctly, your customer support heroes will have more opportunities to provide loyalty-driving service and show shoppers that your brand is worth their repeat business.

The Complete Customer Profile Checklist for Radically Personal Service

We hope our Customer Profile Checklist helps you understand and connect with your shoppers. If you’d like more industry leading guidance from customer-focused brands, join our community today.