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Customer Service Terms

What is the Agent Experience?

Agent Experience Definition: The agent experience refers to the interactions and relationship that support agents have with the their employer. This includes everything from how they understand and communicate the brand, to the technology stack that they’re asked to use, to training and onboarding.

What is a Customer Service Agent?

Agent Definition: A customer service agent (or customer support agent, contact center agent, call center agent) is responsible for handling customer or potential customer inquiries. These can vary from questions regarding products or services, or assistance with any issues ranging from product defects to shipping.

What is Customer Service?

Customer Service Definition: Customer service is the assistance or advice provided to customers or potential customers of a company. Customer service can be conducted via multiple channels, including phone, text, live chat, email, and social media.

Customer Service Metrics Definitions


Benchmarking Definition: Benchmarking is the comparison of your team performance vs that of your peers or industry.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value Definition: Customer lifetime value is the projected revenue a customer will generate for a company throughout their entire relationship with a brand.

Self-Service Ratio

Self-service Ratio Definition: The self-service ratio is the comparison of help center pageviews to the number of tickets or requests submitted to agents.

Ticket Volume

Ticket Volume Definition: Ticket volume is the total number of messages and conversations in your customer service/support inbox.

Ticket Backlog

Ticket Backlog Definition: Your ticket backlog is the total number of open tickets left unresolved over a specified period of time.

Average Resolution Time

Average Resolution Time Definition: Average resolution time is the measure of how long it takes an agent to completely resolve a customer’s issue.

Average Reply Time

Average Reply Time Definition: Average reply time is the measurement of how long it takes an agent to respond.

Average First Response Time

Average First Response Time Definition: Average first response time is a measurement of the time it takes an agent to respond to a customer’s initial inquiry.

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score Definition: Customer satisfaction score (also referred to as CSAT) is a metric that measures a customer’s overall happiness with a brand, product, or service. These are usually measured through customer satisfaction surveys.

First Contact Resolution Rate

First Contact Resolution Rate Definition: First contact resolution rate measures the percentage of tickets or inquiries that are resolved in the first response.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score Definition: Net promoter score (or NPS) is a metric used to understand a customer’s loyalty to a brand. NPS is usually measured through surveys that ask how likely a customer is a recommend the brand or product.

Replies Per Resolution

Replies per Resolution Definition: Replies per resolution is a customer service metric that measures how many replies it takes before resolving a customer inquiry or request.

Customer Service Software Definitions

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Customer Relationship Management Terms

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Customer Relationship Management Definitions

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CRM Software Definitions

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Customer Engagement Definitions

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Customer Engagement Metrics Definitions

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Help Desk Definitions

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Help Desk Metrics Definitions

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