Why Paper Mart Switched to Gladly Customer Service

Learn how to craft an immersive customer experience.

About the Webinar

Why Paper Mart Switched to Gladly Customer Service

The customer experience doesn’t end once there’s a purchase. As packaging supply company Paper Mart puts it, “The shopping experience extends far beyond your initial order.”

But how do you provide an excellent end-to-end customer experience that takes agent happiness into account, as well?

Learn from Andy Knosp, VP of Product Marketing at Gladly, and Jennifer Flores, Paper Mart’s VP of Sales and Customer Support.

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  • How Paper Mart boosts productivity and reduces CX costs with self-service
  • How Paper Mart builds customer loyalty with their commitment to the community
  • How Paper Mart empowers its customer service agents
  • And best practices to get the most out of your CX platform