Leading With CX — A Founder's Approach to Business Growth

Learn the critical role of CX across a business with the co-founders of Allbirds and Gladly.

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Leading With CX — A Founder's Approach to Business Growth

In this dynamic fireside chat between Allbirds co-founder, Joey Zwillinger, and Gladly CEO, Joseph Ansanelli, the leaders discuss the role of CX and its impact and importance across the business — from finance to ops and product.

You’ll hear how Joey views customer service as a true value center for the business, along with strategies to enhance your support organization’s performance with emerging technologies like AI. Plus, preview what’s next for Allbirds to see how Joey envisions customer service continuing to drive their company forward.

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  • The critical role of CX in business across finance, ops, and product
  • How Allbirds co-founder, Joey Zwillinger, sees customer service as a key value center
  • Strategies to improve support organization performance using AI