Crafting Authentic Customer Experiences, From Retail to Online

Gain insights on merging tradition with innovation in the digital era with Tecovas' CRO.

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Crafting Authentic Customer Experiences, From Retail to Online

Every customer interaction presents an opportunity to cultivate a meaningful relationship, but ensuring authenticity across both digital and physical realms can have its challenges.

In this fireside chat with Chief Retail Officer, Kim Heidt, we uncover how she’s fusing the traditional ethos of customer service with innovation at Tecovas. Drawing from her years of experience at the intersection of retail and digital, Kim will share strategies for building authentic relationships centered around why customers seek assistance, how not to deflect them, staying resilient and dedicated to your team and customers even during unforeseen challenges, and more.

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  • The challenges of maintaining authenticity in customer interactions across digital and physical realms
  • Insights on blending traditional customer service ethos with innovation
  • How to build authentic relationships with customers, while staying resilient during challenges